Season to Taste Catering – Catering Chef

Before the COVID crisis Season to Taste Catering, was one the top catering companies in New England and the first to focus on locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients when they opened in 2007. On March 13 2020 they shut down all catering and launched their take out service, then restaurant. Now here they are a year later, and catering inquiries are starting to flow in. Unfortunately, all of their catering staff was laid off and most will not return including their chef. So they are now rebuilding the company and need to hire a catering chef to oversee full catering.

Their focus for full service catering includes private, university and corporate events (they no longer cater weddings). They also provide drop off catering service as well as Family Dinner, their weekly meal service, and Special Occasion Meal Kits. Any possible candidate must have the following attributes to be considered for the position:

  • A love for and ability to cook delicious food and to train the staff to do the same
  • Versed in a variety of techniques including sous vide, fermentation, and charcuterie
  • A passion for sourcing high quality New England ingredients
  • Competency with google docs, and specifically using spreadsheets to organise their work flow
  • The ability to lead a diverse team to consistently produce high quality food
  • At least 5 years of experience cooking and managing in the restaurant industry
  • Be affable, positive, honest and work well with others
  • Possess a strong work ethic but with the goal of creating a balanced work/life situation

They provide all the basic benefits. Salary is entirely dependent on work experience and the candidates ability to meet and exceed expectations. Please email your resume to the address provided below.

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