Scampo – Bartenders

Scampo, Chef Lydia Shire‘s award-winning restaurant at the Liberty Hotel, has immediate openings for full time Bartenders. They are seeking individuals who are hospitality-driven, detail-oriented and who understand the importance of guest service. The candidate must work well in a team environment and have a friendly, outgoing and professional demeanor.

Ideal candidates should possess an innate desire and ability to provide refined hospitality, anticipating the guest needs, strong work ethic that reflects respect for the restaurant and demonstrate a solid understanding of service etiquette and mechanics along with an understanding of how they contribute to the hospitality experience. Minimum of two years of experience in a fine dining restaurant is a must. Above all, they should be passionate about food and wine culture and eager to learn more.

To apply, email your resume to the address provided.

Employment Type(s): Full-time

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