Revolution Catering – FOH Catering Team

Mission For Full-Time FOH Catering Team

Revolution Catering LLC

Deliver an exceptional Overall Guest Experience to our clients on a daily basis by showing high efficiency, assertive customer service, situational intelligence, and attention to detail. Our minimum requirement is excellence, our highest performers consistently go above our expectations.

There are opportunities in management, logistics, culinary, and sales as we continue to grow rapidly.

Salary & Benefits:

  • This is a high hourly + tipped position.
  • Excellent performers in this role earn 55-60K annually including tips.
  • Full-time team members are eligible for medical and dental after 90 days of employment.
  • 401K Plan
  • Most weekends off. Generally, this position is M-F 9am-5pm with variation based on delivery & events schedules.

Success In This Role Is Defined By The Following Outcomes:

  1. Overall Guest Experience is the top priority, it begins by building first name relationships with our clients in the field.
  2. Complete Projects, Event Shifts, Deliveries, and Side Work in an efficient manner within your allotted timeframe.
  3. Be willing to take on ANY tasks may be ahead of you on a given day, some will be exciting, others will be tedious. You must be able to persist, knowing that your efforts contribute to the execution of our collective mission to deliver our guests with an exceptional OGE!
  4. Always show up on time, clean cut, alert, and with a positive, body language, and thoughtful contributions to the team.
  5. Be able to switch into and out of high gear when time and deadlines dictate increased urgency.
  6. Be A Team Player by holding yourself accountable and demonstrating humble, hungry, and smart behavior.
  7. Fearlessness to fail at a task. It will happen, be ok with it from the start. Bring consistently excellent effort and communication on a daily basis.
  8. Must Be Situationally Aware, able to see things from your peripheral vision, learn quickly, process data, and draw conclusions that help to provide an Exceptional OGE.
    Things will occasionally go wrong, we must be prepared to take Immediate Corrective Action when they do.
  9. Propose solutions and answers instead of problems to the team. While your proposed course of action isn’t always going to be 100% correct or the course chose it shows that you’ve thought through a situation and respect the idea of not wasting other people’s time.
  10. You’re Required To Learn, Innovate, and Continuously Push Yourself through daily reading & activities focused on business, teamwork, analytical skills, and other applicable subjects is part of an ongoing investment in our team’s development. If you’re not learning you’re being surpassed by another team member.

To apply, visit the link below or send resumes to the email address below!

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