Revolution Catering – Catering & Event Sales Manager

Revolution Catering is hiring a catering and event sales manager to join their team!

Duties include:

  • Constant client interaction and accommodation of requests.
  • Excellence in the concepting of event experiences and menus.
  • Ability to build an instant rapport w/ incoming leads, and put people at ease.
  • Supreme writing & phone communication skills to close important deals.
  • Dynamic and sincere listening skills to catch all of the nuanced details.
  • Desire to mold, develop, and propel a small sales team of 2-3 people into 10+ over 5-10 years.
  • Love to build proposals and see them converted into sales.
  • Directing & executing in rapidly moving/changing conditions.
  • Growing with a small business that has common small business struggles, constraints, and facility issues.
  • Rapidly identify issues, and propose thoughtful solutions to improve operational, client, and team experiences.
  • Commitment to bring relentless persistence, and fearlessness to the table every single day.
  • You’ve got to care, a lot! It’ll be evident if you don’t.

[Successful Outcomes In This Role First 12-16 Months]

  1. Drive Full Service Event Sales To 65% (from 42%) of Total Revenue By End Of 2020.
  2. Become a leading OGE (overall guest experience) authority in our company.
  3. Identify & Remove System Flaws, Inefficiencies & Communication Gaps.
  4. Create A Buffer Between Operations & Senior Leadership.
  5. Develop yourself and your team into a group of highly efficient & confident decision makers.

They’ll compete on pay and benefits, the 5+ year horizon has incredible upside as they grow. This is a long-term position. They’re not interested in someone who is looking to jump on for 1-2 years.

The ideal fit is looking to make an impact and put their stamp on the company. Please apply only if you’re highly motivated by what you’ve read above.

  • Base Salary + Commission
  • Paid Vacation & PTO
  • Medical & Dental Insurance
  • 401K w/ Match
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Daily Meal Provided
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