Revival Cafe – Line Cooks

Calling all Line Cooks! Are you tired of back breaking work till 2am everyday? The never ending grind. Missing your weekends? Missing your nights? Maybe you recently got engaged or just had a kid. Looking for more of that work life balance? Meet Revival Cafe and Kitchen. They are a growing young company and we are looking to add a few seasoned line cooks to our family. Immediate openings, Monday to Friday. 8am to 4pm. 4 min walk from the Redline. Huge kitchen. Great people that care about not only about the job they are doing, but the people that they are working with. They not only preach the work life balance, but they live it as well. Competitive pay, sick time, 401k match, gym membership, PTO… If this sounds intriguing to you, that’s because it is. Shoot them an email and they can go from there.

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How to apply


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