Revival Cafe and Kitchen – Sous Chef

Calling all Sous Chefs or those that are ready to take that jump to Sous Chef!!!!!!!

Are you tired of working till 2am? Humping the grill for hours, getting crushed, night after night with no end in sight? Are you done with the late nights, weekends, holidays… The never ending grind of that late night restaurant life getting to you… maybe you just got married, maybe you are having your first kid and you are looking for a little better work/life balance, or maybe any semblance of a work/life balance. You love food, cooking but the hours and grind is just getting too much?

Let me introduce you to Revival Cafe and Kitchen. We are a growing company that loves great food, great coffee, great work environment. We value each and everyone of our employees and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We offer 401k match, vacation, sick time, health insurance and best of all, you don’t need to work till 2 am. 2 days off a week, set schedule, gym membership…. I’ll be completely honest, you will probably make more money if you go work at the casino. We can’t compete with that filthy Vegas money. We are growing something special and am looking for that 1 dynamic person to help us in the kitchen. Also, not gonna lie. We are not perfect. We have our challenges and struggles like any real/ from scratch kitchen, but we like to work collaboratively to figure out how to become more efficient, work smarter and not harder and any other cheesy saying you can think of.

Experience in a from scratch kitchen is a must. Length of time doing that, well that is up for debate. We are looking for the right fit of a person. Spanish speaking is important but not necessary. But if you don’t speak Spanish and you want to be a chef in the city, well that is something that you probably should learn. Anyway, I think that is enough info. Shoot over your resume if you are interested in taking the next step in your career and joining a team and growing both as a cook and a person. Thanks

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