Revco – Virtual Catering Assistant

Virtual Catering Assistant (Meal Expediting & Packaging), Full-Time (Woburn, MA)

Revco is currently rebranding from a traditional catering company into a high-growth start-up delivering gourmet prepared meals from coast to coast for large corporate events. They rebrand will launch to the public early in 2022!

They are a refuge for restaurant and hospitality professionals who seek a more balanced, and predictable lifestyle & schedule.

They’re on a mission to unite their guests & clients by delivering the same, excellent dining experience to them wherever they’re located. Join them. Apply now!

What winning in this role looks like:

They are looking for someone who is trying to get their foot in the door. They are looking for someone who loves physical work, being on the move, and keeping things organized & on schedule. This is a great role for servers, barbacks, bussers, or food runners who might be looking for an alternative to a traditional restaurant position.

  • Takes pleasure in hustling, expediting, packing, and managing many items simultaneously. A.K.A. “Motivated & Satisfied By A Hard Day’s Work”
  • Loves to uncover what needs to be done instead of waiting to be told what to do. Assertive and proactive personality is a necessity. Loves independent work.
  • Thrives on being organized, and helping fulfill orders accurately and efficiently to ship on time. 
  • Enjoys physical work, assembling packaging, moving heavy items, and monitoring inventory of supplies between dry & cold storage. 
  • Strong at finding, analyzing, and fixing problems with little direction. Enjoys presenting solutions instead of problems to others.
  • Skilled at prioritizing on the fly, thinking about solutions rapidly, and then communicating between departments to help resolve or prevent issues/mistakes.  
  • Confident, kind, and honest. Never rude, pushy or condescending. Not scared to professionally hold yourself and your team accountable.
  • Physically possesses a 6th gear while maintaining a calm and controlled demeanor. 
  • Not afraid to stay until the job is done without hesitation. 
  • Motivated & curious individual looking to learn and grow with a fast moving company. 

The skills you need to win:

  • 1 year or comparable experience in a role that involves food service, hospitality, or logistics.
  • Growth Mindset. They take on a flexibility & growth mindset in their personal and professional lives. As a company in the start-up phase things can be chaotic and changing rapidly & without notice. 
  • Ability to be extremely detail-oriented and critically think on your own two feet.
  • Possesses a strong desire to deeply & effectively listen to others.
  • Curiosity about how and why things work…or don’t work!
  • Great peripheral vision and awareness of many things happening at the same time. 
  • Ability to interact well with and work through details with other team members.
  • Visually checking for consistent quality of product at all times. 
  • Some knowledge of food, allergens, and safety processes. 
  • Passionate about the mission at Revco. Love of food and serving others.

About Revolution Catering: 

  • They’re a catering company who was founded in 2014. The pandemic has forced their business to change permanently and are beginning to rebrand while they dial in their focus on creating the best quality prepared meals available.
  • They have 14 team members who are 100% dedicated to the mission. 
  • They have survived during the height of the pandemic by committing to a new mission and are laser-focused on helping people solve the dinner dilemma in their own lives! 
  • They believe in relentless forward progress.
  • They closely follow Danny Meyer’s term Hospitalitarian. They excel at being friendly & generous towards everyone while also anticipating their needs. 

And by the way, they’re not stuffy or corporate around here. Here are some of the perks and benefits at Revco: 

This is a long-term position. The ideal fit is looking to make an impact and firmly plant themselves as a key lynchpin in the company as they grow. They are a refuge for restaurant and hospitality professionals who seek a more balanced, and predictable lifestyle & schedule. 

  • High hourly wage plus corporate event tips. ($22-$25/hourly average)
  • 2-weeks of paid vacation in year 1 & 2 
  • 401K w/ 4% Match after 1 year
  • Healthcare after 90 days of employment
  • Primarily weekday 9-5 schedule. Great for hospitality veterans who are tired of working late & long hours. 
  • Lunch provided daily at the facility
  • Casual dress and work environment 

They’re on a mission to unite people by delivering the same, excellent dining experience to them wherever they’re located. 

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