Pine Street Inn – iCater Inventory Clerk

SCHEDULE: 40 hours, 5:30am-2:00pm, Monday-Friday

(Flexibility required and based upon program needs. Will be expected to work some holidays and weekend)

The iCater Inventory Clerk, along with the “Driving and Inventory” team is primarily responsible for receiving all deliveries, checking invoices and donation slips for discrepancies, and properly storing all food and supplies whether purchased or donated to the Inn. The iCater Inventory Clerk also interacts with donors. The incumbent conducts the daily pulls of all supplies scheduled for production, Pine Street Inn’s programs and departments and iCater customers (both supplies and extra items ordered).


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Must be able to read English satisfactorily
  • Minimum of six (6) months experience working in a fast paced kitchen with inventory experience
  • Basic computer skills, and the ability to use Windows 2010 programs
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to lift at least fifty (50) pounds of weight
  • Ability to climb in and out of large trucks
  • Frequent bending, stooping, and access walk-ins (refrigerators and freezers) for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to store food deliveries in excess of 100 cases
  • Must feel comfortable driving for long periods of time, sometimes in excess of four (4) hours per day and to various locations across the state
  • Must be able to learn all the products; case sizes, case counts, pieces per case, etc.
  • Must be able to multi-task and perform in an environment that is often times stressful and demanding
  • Must be able to work under pressure, set timelines and meet deadlines
  • Must be able to follow multiple directives from a varied number of individuals, prioritize these tasks and demonstrate the ability to switch tasks, use materials productively, and focus on production goals and quality of the finished products
  • Must be able to stay focused and pay attention regarding the filling of food requisitions and the receipt of food products
  • Good leadership skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills are a plus
  • Must be able to coordinate the effort and work of support cooking staff (kitchen associates and FSTP students), their use of materials, production knowledge and quality of finished products


  • Valid Massachusetts driver’s license with an acceptable driving record
  • Certified in ServSafe (Food Service sanitation and safety certification)
  • A good understanding of food service inventory and products
  • Previous experience driving a medium size box truck
  • Prior experience in food service

Working Conditions

•The iCater Inventory Clerk will spend most of their time in the food service operations working in the food storage areas; assisting with organizing and tracking inventory. The position also requires someone who is able to stand on his/her feet for extended periods while working. In addition, the stock person spends a fair amount of time in the cold food storage areas (walk-in refrigerators and freezers), cleaning, organizing, pulling items, storing items and taking inventory.

•The Warehouse, Inventory and Fleet Manager approves all vacations for all stock personnel. Only one (1) member of the team would be granted vacations for any given period within a calendar year. Employees must be able to work on a holiday if that said holiday falls on their scheduled work period.


  • Adhering to the information specified, this person fulfills the pulls sheets, supplies sheets and extras sheets, accurately labelling items slated for production, programs/departments and iCater customers.
  • Must have the ability to learn all products purchased, used for production and issued to customer sites, become very familiar with them and retain this information.
  • Along with the team responsible for inventories, conducts physical inventories of all food service items (freezers, refrigerators and dry goods areas) on a daily basis and get reports to the pertinent food service managers. Will also need to conduct full inventory at least every quarter. This person is responsible for the maintaining the food inventory database, Crunchtime, and producing all inventory statistical reports.
  • Must receive and check all deliveries. Deliveries must be checked against the purchase orders and/or donation slips. Any discrepancy or damaged products must be reported to the Warehouse, Inventory ad Fleet Manager.
  • Adhere to all food safety procedures when receiving, picking up, delivering and/or storing foods. Potentially hazardous foods (meat, seafood, diary product, poultry, prepared or cooked foods, etc.) must be kept cold or frozen.
  • Donations and purchased items must be appropriately stored immediately upon receipt. Ensure that items are stored off the floors and away from walls (by at least 6”). In addition, items must rotated according to FIFO & LILO (“first in, first out” or “last in, last out”).
  • Assist donors in the delivery of items coming to the inn. Must be an ambassador for the inn and take steps to address immediate needs of the donor.
  • When necessary, this person may be called upon to deliver stock to the kitchen (for daily production of meals) within the specified time.
  • Reviews stock pull sheets with the Executive Chef or Sous Chef once completed.
  • Immediately notifies the Warehouse, Inventory and Fleet Manager of any shortages of products.
  • At times, may have to deliver supplies to programs and departments within the inn and to external customers, adhering to the Weekly Shipping Guide. Signatures of receipt of items by PSI programs and iCater customers must be turned in to the Acquisition and Distribution Manager.
  • Participates in pulling frozen meat, seafood, diary product, poultry, prepared or cooked foods, etc. for production and storing appropriately in refrigerators for use in production. Weekly pulled sheets are posted at various locations within the department. Pulled items must be labeled and stored according to the standards and practices of the department. Assist in furnishing the men and women’s inns serving areas with the necessary supplies.
  • Must maintain cleanliness and order in all stock areas. These include, but are limited to the dumb waiter, the loading dock and receiving refrigerators, freezers, chemical storage room and all dry good storage areas.
  • Is responsible for keeping all storage areas (freezers, dry goods areas, basement refrigerator and access at conveyor belt into basement) locked and secured, especially at closing times and when leaving the immediate area for extended periods.
  • Must help create and foster a sense of teamwork amongst all FS employees. Must also contribute to a safe, friendly and cooperative work environment.
  • Adheres to the time and attendance policies and practices of the department
  • Other related duties as required/directed.


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