Peregrine – Line Cook

Peregrine, in Beacon Hill, is hiring full time and part time line cook staff. Peregrine is a demanding and supportive environment. Full training is provided, and clear performance expectations set. Coaching will be provided to meet those standards, and mentorship toward advancement and career development can be expected.

Peregrine prizes a diverse and inclusive work environment, which is actively stewarded by staff and leadership.

The last year has been immensely challenging, and they are ready to move forward, safely and sustainably. The core of their team has remained in place throughout the pandemic, and is ready to welcome in a few new faces, excited about what they do and how they do it.

Their current openings are best suited to individuals with some prior experience, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are excited about their company but uncertain about your qualifications. Individuals of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply if the details of their openings speak to you, and your goals.

Peregrine is a full wage environment, front and back of house staff begin at $16 per hour, plus incentives that currently average $3 per hour based on non compulsory tipping and a portion of administrative fees.

In addition to the core work of service and cooking, all staff can expect training in financial business management, social media and communications, creative and systems development, and more. Careers are built at Peregrine, starting on day one.

35-40 Hours per week, holidays and weekends included
Part time schedules can be discussed

AM & PM SHIFTS AVAILABLE, 7 day per week operation, including holidays

Conveniently located across the street from Charles/MGH Red Line station, and near Downtown Crossing and Park Street stations for Green and Orange lines

Peregrine is a challenging but supportive work environment, with an emphasis on performance as well as team building, career oriented training, and all staff doing their part to build an environment at work that can be enjoyable for all.

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