Peregrine – General Manager

Peregrine on Charles Street on Beacon Hill is looking for a General Manager.

Ideal Candidate description:

  • Someone who loves to solve problems, and come up with creative solutions to varied challenges.
  • Someone who loves to talk about and serve great food and wine.
  • Someone who wants to work a hybrid schedule of physical and desk work.
  • Finds joy in finding a way to get that extra 3 top in the book.
  • Is interested in training people at all levels of skill and experience to do the core work of the restaurant, and cultivate future leaders from there.
  • Someone who is patient, able to prioritize their focus and direct/utilize resources to meet goals. Someone who is even keeled under pressure.
  • Someone who can deal with picky guests without taking it personally.

Job description:

The manager’s main focuses are on the administrative processes of the restaurant to maintain efficiency and readiness and drive revenue and profitability AND staff development to maintain a core staff of fully empowered individuals who complete the daily service work at their own direction.

In addition the manager is responsible for relations and operations between the restaurant and its hotel partners.

The manager handles the majority of the administrative basics of the restaurant including staff scheduling to labor budgets and service needs, daily service and performance reporting, weekly payroll review, sales and performance reporting, with action following to drive revenue and profitability.

The manager is the trainer and mentor to service staff, focussing on a core of service captains who further mentor the rest of the team.

The manager works closely with the chef team at the direction of Juliet Company to understand and ensure the seasonality and profitability of the menus — and communicates regularly with the public and the marketing team.

The manager guides the bar captains in cocktail, beer, and wine changes at Juliet Company’s direction. The manager works on the service floor during peak hours of service, adding value to the guest experience, and supporting the service staff to do their best work.

Responsibilities include:

  • front of house scheduling
  • regular review of staff training, performance, and promotion goals
  • hiring, training, education in service and product standards
  • yearly staff reviews and career planning
  • beverage menu changes and administrative procedures
  • large party and private event marketing and booking
  • kitchen menu planning with the chef and maintaining administrative procedures
  • Awareness of facilities needs and aesthetic presentation of the dining room
  • Daily, weekly, monthly sales and performance reporting, and training
  • Inventory management ordering
  • quarterly and annual planning at the direction of Juliet Company
  • weekly communication and planning with hotel management
  • special event and holiday development and planning
  • working with the marketing team to support their goals and keep them informed
  • regular communication with Juliet Company, through formal meetings and other more habitual communication, to address the most important items of the moment, as well as continually iterate and improve the operations

Reports to: company operations management on: budget adherence, performance metrics, staff advancement and promotion

In charge of: service staff

Works most directly with: service captains, chef

Important information:
Peregrine is open 7 days a week, 365 days per year
night, weekend and holiday availability required


  • minimum of 2 years of previous restaurant specific management experience
  • Knowledge of and ability to train the team in wine and culinary techniques
  • basic knowledge of google documents, excel or google spreadsheets
  • Reservation book optimization
  • Toast POS
  • ability to understand a profit and loss statement
  • Understanding of food/beverage costing
  • ability to communicate in Spanish and/or Portuguese a plus
  • experience guiding a team toward success without micromanagement
  • ability to navigate difficult interactions with staff and guests calmly and with grace
  • Love of Tetris (small space, few tables, gotta keep it moving to fit)

Pay rate: dependent on experience 75-85K bonus

Benefits: paid vacation, paid health vision and dental insurance
dining credits at sister restaurant, Juliet
Meals at work

Please email resume and cover letter to apply. Let us know who you are not just what you’ve done.

Employment Type(s): Full Time
Base Pay: 75-85K/year

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How to apply

Contact: Josh

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