Pammy’s – Line Cook

Come stage at Pammy’s for a night and you’ll leave with a $100 gift card and future reservation, affording you the opportunity to have the full Pammy’s dining experience. Why? Because many of our most valued kitchen team members began their Pammy’s journey in our dining room. Excited by their experience they came looking for a job in BOH, knowing that the food they ate had passionate and talented hands behind it.

And they were right.

In my twenty years as a chef, I haven’t worked in a kitchen with so much heart. Even in my years spent working in Michelin star restaurants for world class chefs like Jean George and the late Grey Kunz. We in the Pammy’s kitchen love our craft and work as a team to make one another better at it. We also understand work-life balance. We pay a little extra to allow for our team to work a reasonable amount of hours. A Pammy’s line cook can expect to make anywhere from $25-29/hour working forty to fifty hours a week. Salary positions are also available. And so is generous compensation for premium healthcare. Most importantly, our kitchen will offer you an opportunity to learn, explore, and thrive as a team player in a positive work environment.
Come check us out one night in the kitchen and then taste and see what it looks like from the other side!

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Employment Type(s): Full-time

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