Pammy’s – Bar Manager

Pammy’s, an award-winning New American Trattoria in Cambridge, is looking for a Bar Manager to join their team as they rebuild and reimagine the restaurant in a post Covid 19 landscape.

Pammy’s manages their staff from a place of warmth and firmly believe that great hospitality starts with how they care for each other. The management team exemplifies that ideology without negating polished service, exceptional product knowledge, or efficient operations. The right candidate for this position is excited about deliciousness, passionate about great service, and down for some good old fashioned hard work. They are a combination of innately kind and genuine with the fire and focus needed to thrive in the hospitality industry. Leading at Pammy’s is knowing how to balance opposing forces within others and themselves. Inclusive yet discerning. Warm but powerful. Silly and serious. Ambitious yet patient.

Pammy’s is excited to work with someone who is not just a talented craftsman, but is genuinely enthusiastic about creating connections through beverage, food, and service. Beyond building a high quality beer, spirits, and cocktail program, the Bar Manager radiates sincere geniality and a passion for all things beverage. The ideal candidate is a role model who fosters growth and knowledge, both for themselves and their teammates. Pammy’s is looking for someone with their own voice who shares the restaurant’s core values and challenges their peers to improve while not forgetting that positivity remains essential. They have a highly collaborative work environment that values individuality and fosters education and employee growth with that in mind.

Pammy’s is an inclusive employer and does not discriminate against age, gender, nationality, race, sex, class, or orientation.

The position offers health insurance, dental and vision insurance, paid time-off, parking, educational incentives, and competitive pay.

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