One + One at Four Seasons One Dalton Boston – Cook II

BASIC PURPOSE: Prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, food items per guest order in accordance with production requirements and quality standards while maintaining a safe, sanitary work environment.


  1. Prepare food items according to guest orders of consistent quality following recipe cards, as well as production, portion, and presentation standards; complete mis en place and set-up station for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner service. (40%)
  2. Start food items that are prepared ahead of time, making sure not prepare beyond estimated needs. (20%)
  3. Operate, maintain and properly clean kitchen equipment, including deep fryer, broiler, stove, steamer, food processor, mixer, slicer, oven, steam table, tilt kettle, waffle iron, and flat top grill. (10%)
  4. Date all food containers and rotate as per policies, making sure that all perishables are kept at proper temperatures; check pars for shift use, determine necessary preparation, freezer pull and line set up; note any out-of-stock items or possible shortages; return all food items not used to designated storage areas, being sure to cover/date all perishables; assist in setting up plans and actions to correct any food cost problems; control food waste, loss and usage per policies. (10%)
  5. Comply with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in EmPact. (10%)
  6. Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors. (10%)


1. Assist in prep work of vegetables and condiments as required for the next shift.


Education: High school education, cooking school or culinary institute education or equivalent experience.

Experience: Minimum two years culinary or related work experience. Intermediate culinary knowledge is expected for this position. Working knowledge is generally learned on-the-job.

Skills and Abilities: Ability to operate, maintain and properly clean deep fryer, broiler, stove, steamer, food processor, mixer, slicer, oven, steam table, tilt
kettle, waffle iron, flat top grill. Proficient knife skills and ability to multi-task.

No. of employees supervised: None

Travel required: None

Hours required: Forty hours over a five day period; scheduled
days and times may vary based on need

Physical Job Requirements
(for essential functions only)

50% Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying
Describe the type(s) of required lifting, pushing, pulling, and/or carrying to include objects, weights and frequency
Position regularly involves lifting food cases and materials weighing up to 70 lbs. Pushing and pulling carts is required.

30% Bending/Kneeling
Describe the type(s) of required bending and/or kneeling to include when, why and how often
Regular bending to lift items and supplies. No kneeling.

80% Mobility
Describe the type(s) of mobility required to include  distances and % of time involved.
Regularly moves all around kitchen.

10% Continuous Standing
Describe the reasons to include time period and frequency
To complete a task, may be stationary for short periods of time.

Stairs: Up to approx._____steps_____%of_______________
Ladders: Up to approx._____steps_____%of_______________
___X___No Climbing Required

Describe type of vehicle, distances, % of time involved and frequency
___X___No Driving Required

Work Environment
Inside: 100% % of shift.
Outside: Working in outside areas is rare.
Describe any abnormal temperature exposures: May be exposed to hot temperatures, water, steam, and smoke.

Hearing _____Critical _____Moderate ___X__Minimal
Explain: Hear equipment, timers, ect.

Vision _____Critical ___X__Moderate _____Minimal
Explain: Check quality and portions of food.

Speech _____Critical _____Moderate ___X__Minimal
Explain: Communicate with kitchen staff

Literacy _____Critical _____Moderate ___X__Minimal
Explain: To read recipe cards and procedures

Describe any chemicals/agents to include what they are,  warnings and frequency of use
Grease Strip – once/month; Bleach- all day; Grease cutter- once/week; Lime Away- once/week. Warning- keep off skin, away from eyes, don’t swallow, no prolonged inhaling

Protective Clothing Type: Hair restraint/hat, gloves, apron, chef’s jacket, closed toed shoes. Approx. 100 % of shift.

Equipment Operation List type of equipment and frequency of use
Deep fryer – all day; Broiler – 60%; Stove – all day; Steamer – all day; Food processor – 50%; Mixer – 25%; Slicer – 25%; Oven – all day; Steam table – all day; Tilt kettle – 15%; Waffle iron – 10%; Flat top grill – 60%

Other Considerations
Must be able to obtain any required food handing or sanitation certifications required by local or state agencies.

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