Oat Shop – Catering Manager

Oat Shop is a 2 year-old, cafe in Davis Square, Somerville. They serve customized oatmeal bowls, both sweet and savory with creative toppings and mix-ins. They serve Broadsheet Coffee and espresso drinks and tea as well as house made baked goods and snacks with a healthier focus. They have a growing catering program focused on the corporate market and private events. They specialize in breakfast meetings and events throughout Cambridge, Somerville and Boston. They are seeking a Catering Manager to lead their catering program.

They are looking for someone to spearhead their catering and work directly with the business owner to coordinate, prepare and deliver catering orders. There is a lot of growth potential in this position and it is a very important role in the company.

This position is almost exclusively on weekdays. The hours vary day to day depending on catering orders, but generally start early from 5:30-6:30am and will not require evenings. The job includes driving the company vehicle to complete catering dropoffs. It also includes setting up the catering and preparing food. After catering jobs are complete, the catering manager will be responsible to preparing food at the shop for future catering events and needs of the cafe. The catering manager will work with the general manager and cafe team to get all the food prepped. The catering manager will be primarily focused on catering, but will work a few hours in the cafe as needed.

All applicants must have a valid drivers license and clean driving record. Catering and/or restaurant experience is preferred. Please include a brief cover letter explaining your interest in this position. Thank you.

Compensation: $16+/hour

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How to apply

Email: alan@oatshopboston.com

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