No. 9 Park – Server

Barbara Lynch Collective, founded by Chef Barbara Lynch, is an acclaimed collection of seven unique and memorable culinary experiences in Boston’s Fort Point, South End, and Beacon Hill neighborhoods. All Barbara Lynch Collective entities are united by their core belief in the employee above all; by providing weekly education on topics ranging from wine and products, to emotional intelligence, to hospitality techniques, they are able to provide each guest, through their employees, with an experience that goes beyond the culinary alone. Their emphasis on development of the individual has led to a history of long-tenured staff and allowed for them to serve as one of Boston’s most well-respected cultural communities.

No. 9 Park, their James Beard-award-winning flagship fine dining restaurant, is seeking a server to join their front of house team. Ideal candidates should possess an innate desire and ability to provide refined hospitality rooted in humility and anticipation of guests’ needs. Furthermore, they should have a strong work ethic that reflects respect for the products being served, who created and prepared them, and who serves them. Finally, they should demonstrate a solid understanding of service etiquette and mechanics along with an understanding of how they contribute to the hospitality experience. Above all, they will be passionate about food and wine culture and eager to learn more. A minimum of two years server experience is required. Previous fine dining experience is highly preferred.

This is a full time position offering excellent benefits and opportunities for growth. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to email address below.

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