MyTable – Chefs, Cooks, & Bakers

Tired of the 100+ hour work weeks?

Would you like the control to create your own cooking business?

Most importantly, do you have a passion and skill for creating delicious recipes in the kitchen?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions the team would like to introduce you to MyTable. A mobile application and marketplace connecting people to chefs and cooks near them to come and cook them a delicious in-home meal. Too long have chefs and aspiring culinary professionals been plagued with grueling work conditions with little room for personal & professional reward.

With MyTable, you have the power to:

  • Choose when you want to cook
  • How much you want to cook for (set your own hourly rate)
  • What recipes you would like to showcase
  • Reach audiences larger than other industry jobs

MyTable invites you to come and be apart of the dining revolution. Whether you are a Personal Chef, Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Line Cooks, or even Bakers. No professional experience? No Matter! They invite the avid home cooks to join the team as well.

No matter your background there will always be a seat for you at MyTable.

Basic requirements:

  • Food Handler Certificate
  • Basic English
  • Sufficient Kitchen Experience (home or restaurant)
  • American Culinary Membership (optional)
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How to apply


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