Mom On The Go Food Trucks – Line Cooks

We are looking for 2 full-time (will consider part time as well) experienced line cooks and griddle experts to work on our Food Trucks. The ideal candidates will have restaurant or food truck griddle experience. Must be able to be in a fast paced mobile kitchen environment.

This position will be a team leader which includes stocking the truck, running griddle on gigs and complete cleanup (with staff) after gigs.

Weekends are a must!

Base pay $20-$24 per hour plus tips. With tips you will make $30-$38 per hour.

Working on a food truck is a lot of fun and you will be at different locations every day!

Employment Type(s): Full Time, Part Time
Base Pay: $20 plus tips/hour

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How to apply

Contact: Garrett Friedman

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