MIDA – Line Cooks

MIDA, the South End Eatery by Chef Douglass Williams, is looking for enthusiastic and fun loving individuals to be a part of its growing operation. Since opening five years ago, MIDA has been recognized by multiple local publications as a top Italian dining destination in the city; including a “Best New Chef” nod from Food & Wine Magazine. They are a neighborhood restaurant with Italian sensibilities, designed to be a destination for locals as well as diners throughout the Boston area. They are currently looking for line cooks to join their team!

They are seeking cooks that want to further their knowledge and improve their skills within a positive working environment. Those passionate about the art of rolling pasta and pasta cookery have an opportunity to hone their craft in a very creative and hands on environment. All positions have an opportunity to cross train, learn, and grow.

As a restaurant, encouraging the passion of their culinary team is the top priority. They would like to find chefs that believe in the value of sharing a great meal between friends. The goal is to build a team that believes in the spirit of great hospitality and cuisine within the atmosphere of a neighborhood restaurant. Anyone looking for an opportunity to work with the best quality ingredients with a focus on execution should apply.

About the Restaurant:

  • Their menu is anchored in Italian food, shaped by the New England seasons
  • They’re focused on creating a culture of generosity for their team, guests, and community
  • They have an intimate space with 70 seats including a 12 seat bar, plus a small patio
  • MIDA will offer highly competitive wages, kitchen appreciation fee, and an excellent quality of life. They are an equal opportunity employer.

Interested applicants should email the address below.

Employment Type(s): Full Time

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How to apply

Email: jobs@midaboston.com

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