Mamaleh’s – Catering & Events Manager

Catering & Events Manager

Date: March 2019

Location: Mamaleh’s

Job Department: ADMIN

Hourly / Salary: Salary with Bonus Structure

Full / Part Time: Full Time – Minimum 5 days a week

Salary: (based on an average 50 hours a week): Base Salary

Bonus Structure: To be laid out

Year Two: Salary will move to Base on One Year Anniversary, with a review and option to re-negotiate.


  • Vacation: 10 days of paid vacation in the first year. After each year, employees are eligible to accrue an additional 3 days a year, per year of service, based on yearly employee performance review. Employee reviews will be held within 30 days of employee hire date each year. Vacation day accruals will cap at 20 days per year. (Updated Vacation Policy released 7/1/2018)
  • Simple IRA: A Matched simple IRA retirement plan to help you invest in your future – and you can take it with you when you leave. Any employee that has been with us for one year and has made at least $500 in that calendar year, is eligible to participate.
  • Health Insurance: Big Dipper Hospitality Group offers a co-pay health insurance policy to all full-time employees.
  • After 60 days of employment, you become eligible to enroll in health insurance, which will take effect on or before your 90th day of employment.
  • Harvard Pilgrim HMO
  • 24/7 Gym Membership: Discounted to $20/month (They pay $10/month)
  • Perks at Work: An exclusive employee discount program for services and products. If you choose to enroll – you will receive access to hundreds of promotions as well as have the opportunity to opt in to weekly updates from Perks at Work via email.
  • Discounts on dining across all restaurants: State Park, Mamaleh’s Delicatessen, Café du Pays
  • Discounted parking at the One Kendall Square Garage – $8/day


Mamaleh’s Delicatessen, the first modern Jewish Delicatessen in the Boston area, has brought classic deli fare to Kendall Square, Cambridge. Most items made from scratch, in-house; smoked meat, cured fish, breads, bagels, pastries, and more. They are open 7 days a week until 4 pm serving breakfast and lunch, with brunch on the weekends. They were named in Bon Appetit’s 50 Best New Restaurants in America in 2018.

They are a family run, independent, award winning restaurant group who are sustainably minded and have proudly operated restaurants in Cambridge since 2008. The ownership and management team work hard alongside our staff daily and have enacted a food revenue sharing program amongst our BOH team. Seeking like minded individuals!


The Catering & Events Manager is in charge of the logistics behind the department – they will answer potential inquiries, propose menus, interact with clients to confirm details, and facilitate orders from inception to follow-up. They will work on building the business – making connections with local companies, offices and organizations, dispersing information about our menus, facility and capabilities, and solidifying repeat business. They will coordinate with the chefs, and with the front of house staff to ensure catering jobs are planned for properly, and go out correctly with the appropriate packaging and that on-site events are communicated to the Kitchen and Manager on duty in such a way that they can schedule staff appropriately and seamlessly execute events.

The Catering & Events Manager hired at this time, March 2019, will be tasked with working to improve the current systems in place. They will need to think through the relationship between their department, and various stakeholders to improve and expand the business. There will be an expectation of this person to work with ownership to troubleshoot the issues and take the lead on exploring ideas and proposing / implementing improved systems.


  • Catering
  • Regular pickup/delivery orders
  • EZ Cater
  • Off-Site Catered Event
  • Holiday catering
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Onsite Private Events
  • Onsite Hosted Events, ie. ticketed Shabbat or other special dinners, book signings, screenings, special events, etc.
  • Classes and the associated Eventbrites and organization
  • Pop Ups
  • Non-Profit Events


  • Be a source of positivity for the staff with a “yes we can” attitude
  • Direct the marketing strategy and tactics for the catering and events department
  • Manage catering and marketing administrator(s), assigning tasks, delivering feedback, managing the schedule, etc.
  • Work to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the department, thinking creatively about how to make changes and updates to the system
  • Create unique and innovative ideas to improve sales and create business opportunities
  • Keep menus up to date, and keep pricing correct across platforms (printed menus, EZcater, Toast, Gather, email templates and website)


  • Maintain and develop lasting relationships with guests and prospective business.
  • Check Gather daily, follow up on leads, answer and triage questions, create menus and coordinate logistics.
  • Respond to inquiries/leads within 24-48 hours, assisted by an out of office reply communicating your working hours.
  • All inquiries AND Emails responded to within 12-18 hours M-F
  • Check e-mail first thing and respond to inquiries by 10am
  • Check and respond throughout the day – when you are in the office with few exceptions inquiries should have an initial response within an hour of their receipt.
  • Follow up with prospective parties via email and/or phone to answer questions and give more information.
  • Continue to see communication through to the end. They should have the “last word” with guests. And correspondence should be regular (ie., they are immediately responsive, and checking back in). If you need to put someone off because their event is further out – let them know that and establish when you will follow up.
  • USE THE PHONE. It is imperative that you pick up the phone to help move communication along and secure bookings. This means both answering calls and making outgoing calls, checking and responding to voice messages.
  • Keep catering and event details organized and clear for guests and employees.
  • Establish and maintain guest contracts, catering and event policies, best practices and order timing protocol.
  • Work collaboratively with other departments to successfully execute orders and events
  • Audit and pull reports to ensure that the department is reaching its goals
  • Maintain accounts payable for the department with help from accounting and invoice guests and businesses
  • Manage and maintain relationships with delivery partners and other preferred vendors
  • Coordinate and attend occasional off-site marketing opportunities


  • Minimum 2 years experience in catering and event planning
  • Experience in sales and marketing
  • Computer and Software Savvy
  • Highly Organized
  • Self Motivated
  • People-person with strong interpersonal skills
  • Passionate
  • Problem Solver
  • Decision maker
  • Flexible


  • Familiarity with Jewish Culture and Cuisine


  • Uplift employees, make them work harder and happier
  • Work and make decisions under pressure: When the going gets tough, the tough get going
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently as well as in a team environment
  • Ability to take feedback and be collaborative
  • Ability to multitask and work efficiently
  • Respectful and effective interpersonal skills and willingness to learn, especially as a manager
  • Positive work ethic and attitude
  • Possess problem-solving capabilities and be resourceful


The timing corresponds to the start date of the individual and fits with our yearly activities

Thirty Days:

  • An assessment of progress
  • Clarify and prioritize expectations
  • Lay out plans for the second month of training

Sixty Days:

  • An assessment of progress
  • Clarify and prioritize expectations
  • Focus on behaviors that are consistent with them
  • Encourage professional development and growth
  • Lay out plans for the third month of training

Ninety Days / First Quarterly Check – In:

  • At least one goal and one development activity are to be laid out in this meeting.
  • Align goals with our mission
  • Set expectations for the remainder of the year
  • Six Month and Nine Month Quarterly Check – In:
  • Revisit expectations and development plan to evaluate progress

A self-assessment is recommended and is an opportunity to demonstrate progress by documenting examples of how the expectations are being met and by tracking development activities. Both employees and managers are encouraged to document specific examples of the employee’s performance and development activities to allow for more constructive feedback during the discussion.

While it is anticipated that feedback is ongoing throughout the annual performance review cycle, the quarterly check-ins are a more formal opportunity to discuss how things are going and to avoid surprises at year’s end.

Annual 360° assessment and salary negotiation


  • A positive work environment
  • A company to learn from and grow within
  • Role models within the company
  • Sustainably minded
  • Charitable donations
  • Experience with private events and catering organization
  • Flexibility with scheduling whenever possible
  • 3.5% Back of House Revenue Share
  • Software training ( December 2018 ):
  • Gather – for catering and events
  • Toast – pos system
  • Adobe Illustrator – menu /signage design
  • BambooHR- human resources software
  • 7shifts – scheduling software
  • Google Drive – guides for entire restaurant operation /food/drink/training
  • Azendoo – task management / internal communication software
  • Orderly – inventory and invoice management


Big Dipper (State Park, Mamaleh’s, Café du Pays) is an equal opportunity employer and shall treat all applicants for employment equally based upon job-related qualifications and without regards to race, color, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, marital status, military or veteran status, national origin, disability, religion, political activity, lawful tobacco use while off-duty, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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