Longfellow Bar – Food Runners

The Longfellow Bar at Alden & Harlow is hiring food runners! Award-winning chef and restaurateur Michael Scelfo presents The Longfellow Bar at Alden & Harlow, a neighborhood bar and restaurant located in the historic Café Algiers space directly above his flagship restaurant at 40 Brattle Street in Harvard Square. The two-story space is named after famed architect Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow, who along with his business partners Frank Alden and Alfred Harlow created Brattle Hall in 1889; the updated design is inspired by Scelfo’s ideal retreat to escape and explore his creativity. The food and drinks at The Longfellow Bar continue to explore Chef Scelfo’s forward-thinking approach to experiencing a meal around his kitchen counter. The menu features bar food that is intended to be passed and shared, allowing guests the opportunity to become immersed in a relaxed and tactile approach to eating.

Applicants should be confident with their food knowledge, enjoy interacting with guests and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Please send resumes to the email address below!

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How to apply

Email: christine@longfellowharvard.com

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