Lombardo’s – Servers

Lombardo’s is looking for servers.


  • Check with Lead waiter/waitress for table assignment
  • Set tables per Lombardo’s specifications
  • Complete opening side-work per floor plan assignment (butter, cream, cheese, etc.)
  • Serve all assigned tables
  • Clear all tables assigned to of food and china
  • Complete closing side-work per floor plan assignment (bread area, coffee area, etc.)
  • Check with Lead waiter/waitress before leaving shift
  • Always arrive to work in full uniform
  • Pick up and confirm schedule


  • Wear Lombardo’s assigned uniform when on duty (cost of uniform associates responsibility)
  • Keep clean and neat appearance of self and work area. (I.e. appropriate hair style, cosmetics, jewelry, for women, and appropriate grooming of hair, beards, etc. for men as instructed by management)
  • Performs other miscellaneous duties as instructed by management


EDUCATION: Prefer a minimum of two years of high school

SPECIAL SKILLS: Good customer service skills, friendly, prompt and reliable

EXPERIENCE: Experience helpful, training provided

Apply via the email address below or by calling the number provided.

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: info@lombardos.com
Phone: 781-986-5000

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