Lola Hospitality – Manager & Sous Chef

LoLa Hospitality is looking to add a Manager and Sous Chef to the team for our Seaport locations, LoLa 42, and LoLa Burger.

LoLa 42 is a Global Bistro and Sushi Bar. The concept of LoLa 42 derived from our first Lola 41 located on Nantucket Island. Lola 42 provides guests with the opportunity to experience a worldly culinary delight, which takes them on a global journey across the 41st parallel. This ingenious creation gave them the chance to awaken their senses to cuisines from faraway countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Japan, and of course the United States.

LoLa Burger is our casual restaurant concept serving Burgers, Sandwiches, and Salads. LoLa Burger also started on Nantucket Island. LoLa Burger is a very fast paced high volume restaurant. Previous management experience is preferred.

To apply, send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full Time
Base Pay: $65,000 - $75,000/year

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