Little Moose Donuts – Donut Maker/Customer Service

Little Moose Donuts, a new addition to Hub Hall, is looking to fill a Donut Maker/Customer Service position.

About the Role

Little Moose Donut employees carry out several customer service oriented job responsibilities as well as clean and sanitize work areas and utensils. The position often features the ability to earn gratuities and increases in pay based on performance and time spent with the company.

Requirements & Competencies 

  • Receive and process customer payments.
  • Run donut machine.
  • Bag and sugar donuts.
  • Take customer orders and convey them to other employees for preparation.
  • Serve prepared bags of donuts to customers.
  • Prepare and serve beverages to customers
  • Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment.
  • Clean service or seating areas.
  • Stock customer service stations with paper products.
  • Take out garbage.
  • Order, receive, or stock supplies or retail products.
  • Check temperatures of oil, refrigerators, and/or heating equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Demonstrate the use of retail equipment, such as donut maker and cash register.
  • Provide quality customer service.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Physical Demands/Working Conditions

  • Standing for 7+ hours depending on length of shift
  • Work and operate with hot oil
  • Lifting or carrying of merchandise items on a frequent unassisted basis
  • Merchandise items may vary in weight from light to heavy
Employment Type(s): Full Time, Part Time
Base Pay: $12-$25/hour

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How to apply

Contact: Leah

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