Life Alive – Managers

Life Alive is a Boston based organic cafe and wellness bar seeking Managers who are passionate and capable of leading a team in creating a delicious and unique experience that nourishes the mind, body and soul of their guests.

Responsibilities include a philosophy of Servant Leadership.

Celebrated Servant Leadership qualities include deep listening, empathy, awareness, collaboration, persuasion, foresight and a commitment to the development and growth of your team.

Please be crazy-excited about food and service and infectious in your ability to teach. Their collective success depends on your passions.

Please be organized and thoughtful in your approach. They employ dynamic individuals that will look to you for guidance, training and support.

Run a tight ship–that is fun. Their working environment is collaborative, professional and high self-esteem.

Make Food Safety a top priority. Weave it into all of your actions. They are forever coaching their team to exemplify the highest of cleanliness standards, proper food handling and organizational practices.

They look forward to hearing of your experiences and desire to embrace this Management opportunity.

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