Life Alive – Assistant General Manager

Lead a high volume cafe & veggie-passionate team!

About Life Alive: They are a restaurant serving the vitality of a busy world, one meal at a time. They make delicious, beautiful, plant-based food and beverages that are pleasurable, convenient, and accessible. They are a fun, unique, and vibrant workplace that is welcoming to all. If you align with their Mission and Values, want to learn, and work hard, they hope you’ll apply to join their team.

Qualities of a qualified candidate include:

  • A philosophy of Servant Leadership. Celebrated Servant Leadership qualities include: deep listening, empathy, awareness, collaboration, inspiration, foresight and a commitment to the development and growth of your team.
  • Passion for food and service
  • Infectious in your ability to teach and learn. Our collective success depends on your passions.
  • Organized and thoughtful in your approach to all things. They employ dynamic individuals that will look to you for guidance, training and support.
  • Run a tight ship–that is also fun! They value high standards paired with a working environment that is collaborative, professional and high self-esteem
  • Deep knowledge of food safety and dedication to best practices

Responsibilities of the position include:

  • Running joyful shifts
  • Team member development and coaching
  • Administrative tasks and ordering
  • Excellent guest service

They value you for you – They strive to nourish all living beings and the planet, and foster a community where all feel welcome, safe, and valued. They embrace all differences of age, sexual orientation, gender and its expression, race, culture and ethnicity, national origin, mental and physical health and ability, religious background, marital status, family structure, citizenship, education, and military or veterans’ status. Life Alive invites you to bring your whole self to work.

Assistant General Manager is a full time, salaried position. To apply please write a cover letter explaining your strengths and desire for the position, along with your vision for growth with Life Alive. Please email your cover letter and resume to the email address provided below.

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