Keepers Restaurant – Lead Line Cook

Established in 2017, Keepers is a young and energetic restaurant serving its local community, as well as its seasonal community, in the heart of Nantucket Island. After five years of being open, Keepers has risen to become one of the top restaurants on the island!

Keepers is a year round “locals” spot with a high “summer season” due to the tourism. Keepers can be classified as a “staple” restaurant for the community, a spot for birthdays, first dates, girls night out, and other celebrations with the family as well. The menu cuisine is derived from favorite dishes that everyone loves to cook and enjoy; comfort food. Inspirations from travel and other favorite dishes are highly encouraged to be shared. Ranges of cuisines are heavily influenced, making it an exciting and creative environment. Ultimately serving an elevated & casual crowd.

Keepers is currently seeking a lead line cook, with experience on grill, fry, garmo, and/or sautee! Freedom with specials, and menu planning, this position serves as the right hand, or sous to the Head Chef. Primarily open for dinner 6 nights a week, Keepers is looking for an individual with passion, creativity, team-driven, organized and with kitchen experience! Menu planning, food cost management, inventory control, & general prep planning are all required skills for this position. Individual must be comfortable cooking on a flat top, using a fryer, designing salads & other cold menu items, while also showcasing knowledge of the grille with steaks & other proteins on sautee.

Housing is available year round. If you’re looking for a fun experience, on a beautiful island, with room for growth, contact them today!

Apply via the email address below.

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