Jana Grill – Cooks & Manager

Jana Grill is hiring experienced and driven cooks for full and part time positions. Responsibilities include prep work, cooking, restocking, ensuring quality of ingredients and tidiness of the cooking stations according to the health regulations. Other responsibilities may apply based on experience.

We are also hiring an experienced manager with organizational and customer service skills. Responsibilities include creating schedules, training the front house staff, ensuring tidiness of designated stations and the dining hall, creating lists when necessary, updating and printing the menus, keeping up the online presence by engaging with reviews, updating google and facebook pages with news and potentially social media depending on experience. Part time and full time positions available.

Jana Grill is a cozy Mediterranean restaurant dedicated to recreating comfort foods Mediterranean, Caucasian and Eastern European cultures, with fresh ingredients from scratch. Freshness and flavor always come first in the kitchen. We strive for minimal to none food waste ideal and are always considering creative ways for incorporating all parts of produce. The menu seldom undergoes changes. The menu includes charcoal grilled meats, flatbreads, various fresh and cooked sides and appetizers and more. Full menu can be viewed at www.janagrill.com

We recently celebrated our 5th year anniversary. Very quickly Jana became a local favorite and received tremendous support from loyal customers during the difficult years of the pandemic. The restaurant is a destination for many celebrations and gatherings. We like to think of ourselves as a family welcoming other families for a warm and pleasant time around a table with flavorful foods. In the kitchen too we work as a family of professionals, with respect. We look forward to adding new members to our team.

To apply, send your resume to the email provided below or give them a call for more information.

Employment Type(s): Full Time

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How to apply

Contact: Suren
Email: info@janagrill.com
Phone: 6179595785

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