Jana Grill & Bakery – FOH & BOH Positions

Jana Grill & Bakery specializes in Mediterranean healthy comfort food and charcoal grilling techniques. This small family-run restaurant, has quickly become a favorite local spot for dinning, parties, birthdays, game nights and other celebrations. With the ever growing demand and the anticipated catering season around the corner, Jana is looking for a motivated and experienced staff, to join the family-like team, in their mission of expanding and preserving the quality and taste. The

Manager: A highly motivated and organized individual with 2+ years experience. Full and Part time positions available. The responsibilities include managing and training the servers, greeting customers, ordering supplies, promoting and marketing the business.

Servers: Warm and driven individuals looking for full and part time positions in the serving industry. Responsibilities include greeting and serving the customers, ensuring the tidiness of the working station, main hall and some basic food preparatory tasks.

Cook: Full and part time positions available for experienced cooks. Responsibilities include preparation of ingredients and certain dishes, ensuring the freshness of ingredients and tidiness of the kitchen according the the health regulations. Other tasks may apply based on experience.

Chef: Full and part time positions available for experienced chefs in Mediterranean cuisine and/or charcoal grilling. Chef’s position and creative tasks will be determined in a collaborative manner, based on the skills and experience. General responsibilities include (but are not limited) leading the team of the cooks, ensuring the quality and taste of the existing recipes, developing and adding new ones, Managing food costing and inventory, maintain standards for food storage, rotation, quality, and appearance. Ensure compliance with applicable health codes and regulations.

To apply for any of the positions, please send the resume to the e-mail listed below!

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How to apply

Email: info@janagrill.com

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