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At Island Creek Oysters they grow thriving coastal communities in New England and beyond. Through innovation and education, they create opportunities to connect people with groundbreaking seafood products and experiences.

The Winsor House, opening in Fall 2021, is an exciting restaurant furthering the Island Creek guest experience and community growth at their farm and HQ on the Duxbury waterfront.

This restaurant team will work with world-class seafood, local purveyors and the ICO team to create a one of a kind restaurant. They work hard, they value one another, they hang out, they dig deep, they do what they love–they have FUN.

Join us this Fall as a member of the opening Winsor House Team culinary team.

The Winsor House captures the Best of both Worlds: City-level restaurant on the coast 45 mins outside the city

Join their community of farmers, wholesale company staff, and hospitality vets at their HQ

  • Reverse commute from the city
  • Close to route 3
  • Earlier closing time
  • Veteran management and culinary team
  • Private beach access on site, staff paddleboards

All ICO team members have access to great pay, onsite parking, free oysters, and merch. They offer full time and part time schedules, great benefits packages for full time staff, and the opportunity to grow professionally in the ICO community.

They look forward to meeting you!

The Line Cooks of the Winsor House reports to the Sous Chef

Pros Only LLC oversees Island Creek Oysters on premise guest experiences. The Raw Bar at Island Creek Oyster Farm is their beautiful scenic patio on Duxbury Bay. It is home to their oyster farm and now an outdoor destination location serving the oysters they grow, craft beer, great wine and a whole lot more all in a casual environment steps from their farm. Fall 2021 will welcome an indoor year round space and retail market. This is and will continue to be the anchor point for welcoming guests onto their farm property, the heart of their business, and the core of what they do.

The newly acquired Winsor House is a full service dining destination located across the street from the main ICO campus, highlighting the bounty of Duxbury Bay and the Island Creek way of life. Their onsite hospitality outlets are a reflection of who they are, where they come from, and how they see the future.

The job requires the ability to manage daily culinary operations for the Winsor House, opening Fall 2021. There must be a keen eye to chaos management and kitchen operations, with poise and resourcefulness. This position requires keeping cool under pressure while managing a dynamic space and kitchen team. This role requires high level organizational skills, the ability to juggle a wide variety of tasks, and the ability to not only be an effective manager, but a team leader. The candidate must be committed to curating a positive kitchen team culture and be a willing and enthusiastic member of a close knit leadership team. This position will work with the Executive Chef, Consulting Chef and the Director of Hospitality on important KPIs and business metrics such as food cost, labor cost, menu development and facilities management.

The Role:

  • Ability to execute an authentic menu for the Winsor House reflective of ICO mission & values
  • Oversee daily kitchen operations, working in service 4-5 shifts per week
  • Hire, develop, coach and fire team members, making best use of all available resources
  • Schedule BOH team bi-weekly
  • Manage food and labor costs, with support from Consulting Chef + Director of Hospitality
  • Complete ordering and inventory
  • Oversee culinary staff team training
  • Oversee food preparation, as part of a commissary program, serving Winsor House + Raw Bar
  • Uphold all food safety requirements
  • Maintain / renew all necessary food service certifications
  • Coordinate maintenance on BOH equipment
  • Support culinary photoshoots
  • Contribute to creation of menu, continued development and seasonal menu changes
  • Extend to Raw Bars for support on menu execution, as needed
  • Oversee culinary execution for onsite events at the Winsor House
  • Work collaboratively with Pros Management Team for the global good

They believe in personal and professional growth at Island Creek. Change and agility are parts of everyday life here. Every position is fluid and they believe the right person can grow to do amazing things. Yearly and quarterly reviews will help guide this process.

Compensation will be negotiated with the candidate and includes health and retirement benefits, cell phone plan, short and long term disability insurance, and free oysters.


  • 3+ years previous culinary experience
  • Passion, innovation, and adaptability with a balance of ego and humility
  • A creative mind that can also manage labor & food costs effectively
  • Someone who can own their sphere of influence but also a consummate team player
  • Ability to manage team of kitchen personnel while fostering a healthy and supportive work environment
  • Acknowledgement of an intense summer schedule with lighter shoulder season workload
  • Strategic thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • A willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job at hand
  • Highest level attention to detail/ organizational skills
  • Upbeat, resilient personality
  • Ability to adapt to change

**Island Creek is an equal opportunity employer. They do not discriminate on the basis of anything other than your ability to be the best possible performer in the role outlined above and to be a positive addition to their personality-filled team.

Apply via the email address below.

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