Honeycomb – Pastry Cook & Line Cook

Honeycomb, a vibrant bakery and cafe in Hamilton, is hiring for two back of house positions. We are seeking an entry level pastry cook and a breakfast line cook. We are open Tuesday-Sunday and all shifts are done by 4pm! Honeycomb has a killer coffee program and specializes in breakfast, homemade breads and pastries. The candidate will be expected to work hard, have great attention to detail, a willingness to learn, and a desire to contribute to a great team in an amazing environment. Restaurant experience is preferred. A positive attitude and passion for food and hospitality are a must!

To apply, please send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full-time
Base Pay: $20 - $25/hour

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Contact: Lauren Moran
Email: lauren@honeycombhamilton.com

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