Hojoko – Sushi Cook

Hojoko is hiring a sushi cook!

Hojoko is fun, high-energy izakaya located in The Verb Hotel, right next to Fenway Park.

As a self-taught Chef, Tim likes to hire self-motivated, professional cooks who are eager to learn. He hires individuals who are capable of and inspired by, delivering high quality, detailed dishes to guests on a nightly basis.

Candidates must love food, be humble and ego-free, dependable and have a consistent, genuinely positive attitude/demeanor. 1-2 years of food preparation and sushi experience are strongly preferred.

The Cushman Concepts team prides themselves on the unique culture that has developed over years of hard work and commitment. They have a high level of respect for each other as well as their guests that join them every night. They are looking for someone to compliment the team.

The shift is full time. They are open 7 days a week.

Pay is competitive based on the position and level of experience.

Apply with a resume via email only, please.

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: rob@hojokoboston.com

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