Hearth Food Garden – Leader of Libations

Hearth Food Garden is seeking a Leader of Libations. Join them in cultivating the future of food!

We are seeking an entrepreneurial, passionate and foundational leader of libations, crafting a tantalizing environment and an expansive elixir menu elevated by botanical and medicinal preparations. You will have the freedom to collaborate with other renowned bartenders, baristas, herbalists and horticulturalists — and be creative while grounded in our core triple-bottom-line principles (People, Planet, Profit).

You focus on inimitable taste and consistency, while leading, inspiring and embodying “Enlightened Hospitality” in all interactions with your team, suppliers, guests and the wider community. You are an impassioned thought-leader who models your ideals and elevates everyone around you.

In addition to obtaining a platform to transform countless lives and the pride of incredible work, you will also earn a highly competitive salary in a fairy-tale ocean-side town filled with culture, surrounded by wilderness, and with an abundance of interconnected farmers. Every Realm Leader at Hearth also earns:

  • Shared profit, gain-sharing and equity incentives, crafted to your personal goals
  • Health and disability insurance and 401K
  • PTO to support you in having an active and balanced life feeding your vitality

Key Responsibilities

  • Magnetize, develop, serve, and retain a team of driven individuals dedicated to your systems, their essential roles, and our collective growth
  • Continually enhance, refine and update our elixir programming in coffees, cacao, teas, juices, smoothies, ferments, spirits and potions to excite and awaken our guests’ palates and cravings
  • Source meticulously and build mutually empowering relationships with all your suppliers
  • Meet or exceed budget goals through controlling of P&L items
  • Creatively lead and cross-utilize to achieve our zero-waste ideal
  • Foster positive inter-realm, supplier and guest collaboration and education
  • Share your Team’s work and passions with our community
  • Ensure rigorous knowledge of and adherence to applicable laws, policies and procedures
  • Mentor and build future leaders amidst a joyful, inclusive environment

What You Bring to our Groundbreaking Table:

  • You create incredible, consistently replicated, profitable recipes integrating local perennial super-foods and therapeutics people cannot get out of their mind
  • You have demonstrated the ability to attract, inspire, lead and mentor a cohesive team working for the whole and committed to collective development
  • Your references attest to your expertise in the systems and processes of cost management, including: recipe development, supplier relations, inventory tracking, metrics evaluations, benchmark setting, training and mentorship
  • Your references describe you as focusing on the positive and using negatives as opportunities.
  • People say that in your relationships you have been honest, direct, communicative and optimistic
  • You have had 5+ years of running a successful high-volume bar
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You instinctually align with our mission and values:
    o WE EXIST TO ENLIVEN, UNIFY & STRENGTHEN and are guided by these values:
    § Tantalizing Sensuality: We wield it to enliven our spirits and potential.
    § Love & Pleasure: We wield them to comfort, unify, and fuel growth.
    § Holism & Cross-pollination: We know we’re all interconnected and stronger united.


  • We develop & empower each other!
    – we help without hesitation, keep our word, and spread good vibes
    – we treat everyone as our relation; especially in conflict, we listen, care, and give
    – we practice thoughtful, open, specific and kind communication
    – we seek out, amplify and strengthen bonds by anticipating, personalizing and connecting
    – we value and adhere to existing systems that ground our collective, while at the same time imagining improvements and contributing to their adoption for the bigger picture
    – we are committed to each other’s success
  • We OWN our lives!
    – we choose meaning over happiness
    – we put our heart, purpose and creativity into everything, especially the small and mundane
    – we see opportunities others don’t and create opportunities others wish they’d thought of first
    – we do the right thing, even when no one is looking, and it’s a challenge
    – we are cognizant of our energy and its impact, and pay attention with all our senses
    – we use sound and thoughtful judgement, and seek guidance to expand our awareness
    – we communicate directly and collaboratively solve issues before we get depleted or resentful
    – we speak up and give our perspective, even when it’s scary and opposed
    – we learn from the results of our actions
    – we take personal responsibility for our lives, even while taking nothing personallyJ
  • We face challenges with optimism & an abundant mindset!
    – we believe everything in our path is an opportunity to grow and expand our potential
    – we seek out the joy and humor in our follies and transform them into stories of strength
    – we step in and up, and give and get support when things get tough
    – we face our fears, frustrations, and concerns courageously, trusting in ourselves and others
    – we do not collude with behavior that stymies our joy and collective purpose
    – we earn our responsibilities and other’s respect

While building an industry model, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make immense change together at this time. To ensure open communication and workplace accountability, we will put into place trainings, meetings and scheduled times to create a team empowered to lead, and regularly reassess how we are enacting our mission.

Hearth will thrive on freedom and trust: Freedom for everyone on our team to make Hearth’s values theirs – and to act, portray, and promote these values in their own personal way. We will achieve in the process, genuineness, which is a pillar for our sustainable joy, creativity, and success.

We are an equal opportunity employer that cultivates diversity and inclusion, and therefore we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, citizen status, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We are committed to providing an actively inclusive environment, free from discrimination and harassment.

Hearth is a garden of earthly delights currently being built from the underground up in the center of Portsmouth, NH. Opening on the Fall 2022 Equinox, we will be a gathering space for community and a celebration of sustainable sustenance. We will introduce perennials, ferments, foraging, gleanings, and therapeutics into familiar comfort foods and – through pleasure – strengthen regenerative farming practices and our food sovereignty as climate change alters our world.

Our vision has deep roots. We created Life Alive; a family of successful Boston-area organic restaurants known for healthy and tantalizing, therapeutic whole foods… and we have witnessed people of all stripes — firemen and bankers, teachers and tattoo artists – moaning over simple, fresh, vibrant flavors. We watched as the pleasures of food became a collective joy and passionate force among unlikely bedfellows.

In our new space at Hearth, we will experiment and awaken again: with flavors, origins and preparations. This time we are expanding our menu with the motto “pleasure is a nutrient,” and with diverse realms of enjoyment and discovery – including prepared a la carte foods, a bakery, elixir bar, cheesemonger, charcuterie, crepes, pizza, noodles, and salads along with artisanal retail goods, including plants, books and art. We intend to awaken and inspire hungry eaters and entrepreneurs, seeding new enterprises out of guest demand, and building empires with permaculture producers.

Our name conjures both HEART – warm center, pulsing hub of life. And EARTH – the home from which we grow and derive sustenance, the land that inspires our senses and gives us our power. The profile of the indomitable New Englander has roots in this very place: enterprising, self-reliant, eminently civic-minded. Like our forebears who gathered at Portsmouth’s Market Square centuries ago – the fishmongers, blacksmiths, farmers and all the townspeople who sampled their wares, exchanging pleasantries, negotiating deals, sharing knowledge… even fomenting revolution… this new space we are building, this garden of earthly delights, will foment EVOLUTION… JOIN US!

If this opportunity puts a thrill in your heart and tingles all over, then please submit your application with your resume and reasons.

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How to apply

Email: Joinus@HearthPortsmouth.com
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