Groton Station House – General Manager

The Groton Station House seeks a General Manager to bring their restaurant to new heights. The restaurant, located in Groton, Mass. (35 miles northwest of Boston) is starting anew in every aspect. The BOH operation and menu is being totally revamped and will be lead by an executive chef with Michelin star experience. They are aiming for a more refined cuisine with a service team that will match that same approach. They are looking for a candidate to bring their goals to fruition.

The General Manager will lay the foundation for the success of the FOH operation. You will be the person in charge of implementing the structure, organization, discipline and know-how needed to make a highly skilled service team. This is your opportunity to build a team from scratch according to your standards and expectations. Everything you know and have learned will be put to use.

The ideal candidate will likely already have experience as a General Manager or have held a position with similar qualities. Someone who understands that everything has a proper place and time, “mise en place” is not just a term used in the kitchen, will understand the ethos they are searching for. They are looking for someone who knows that proper steps of service are unwavering principles, not just a guideline. Someone who pays close enough attention to realize that a guest is left handed, is needed. If you can spot the difference between a dish that was garnished with chervil and a dish that was garnished with parsley, you are the type of candidate they need. If you insist on polishing stemware and silverware with polishing gloves, they want that attention to detail. If you can pick up notes of mushroom in a Beaujolais, they would love to hear from you.

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