Gracie’s Ice Cream & Earnest Drinks – Line Cook

Earnest Drinks/Gracie’s Ice Cream is an all-day cafe with a full bar, coffee, and ice cream program in Kendall Square. We are hiring for a line cook position with immediate openings. Starting pay is guaranteed at least $18 an hour. We’re not open late so you won’t be getting home at 2am. Our space is brand new with perfect AC so you won’t be sweating your ass off on a poorly ventilated hot line while someone screams at you.

We’re trying to do ⅓ coffee, ⅓ ice cream, ⅓ food, and ⅓ bar. If you do the math, that’s too many thirds. As a result, we are looking for an experienced cook preferably with experience in savory, simple pastry, and guest interaction. Responsibilities would be the preparation and execution of both savory and sweet dishes along with occasionally scooping ice cream, mixing drinks, making coffee, and generally being a useful team player. You are more than welcome to bring any dish/drink/ice cream ideas to the table. The more collaboration with the team, the better!

We are looking for folks who work hard and are interested in perpetuating the Earnest Drinks/Gracie’s Ice Cream ethos while serving customers. You should be generally positive and willing to have fun at work. Fun is required. If you’re willing to work in a tiny kitchen space, listen to loud music, and generally have a good time cooking good food with good people, fill out the following application.

We don’t operate like a normal restaurant. We don’t want your soul, or all of your free time. We want you to work to live, not live to work. Scheduling is flexible, and can be tailored around your life so you don’t have to tailor your life around work. We expect you to work hard while you’re here, and not think about us again until your next scheduled shift. We don’t want you to phone it in, but just know we don’t expect you to put in work when you aren’t scheduled to work.

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