Flour – Menu Development Chef

The Menu Development Chef reports to the Executive Chef. Responsible for the recipe testing of all Flour’s savory menus, daily menu, limited time offerings (LTO), holidays (Thanksgiving, Holiday, New Years, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, July 4th) with conceptual input and help from Executive management team. Being prepared and organizing mise en place for tastings per trello schedule. Noting feedback and making necessary edits to recipes. Working closely with Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef I and providing all things necessary for training materials in a timely manner. Prepping for photo and video shoots, all ingredient info, cooking/reheat instructions, etc. Spending time during rollouts in bakery locations assisting in training and noting feedback as menus go live. Working closely with marketing director to create marketing materials in a timely manner properly promoting upcoming menu offerings. Train savory production on new LTO menu items and work closely with this team on updating daily specials like pizza and soup. This position is vital in maintaining Flour’s mission of serving amazing food.

Day-to-Day Performance Expectations:

  • Keep lines of communication open via in person, phone, text, or email between you and these points of contact: the executive management team, executive chef, savory executive management team, bakery chefs/sous chefs, pastry chefs, FOH managers, sandwich station shift leaders, prep and steward staff, human resources.
  • Work closely with Exec Sous Chef I on building training materials and provide needed info in a timely manner.
  • Developing and test new menu ideas to align with approaching seasons, current food trends, holidays, and local availability of products. Manage the ordering, inventorying, and cross utilization of testing mise en place.
  • Execute tastings on regular basis and as scheduled by Executive Chef.
  • Update daily soup and pizza options every 2 months and train production team on execution.
  • Train staff at bakery level on new menu items at rollout time.
  • Work with the Executive Chef to train your judgment to align with Flour’s Mom Test. Implement this daily.
  • Support the BK prep, steward/dish, and Savory Production Chef in their work; correct issues, help make smooth transitions with changes, jump in to help manage workload, maintain a calm and composed demeanor regardless.
  • Provide assistance to Chefs/Sous Chefs at assigned bakeries or wherever needed.
  • Work a minimum of 50 hours per week. Keep and eye on email and assist from afar if and when able during non-work hours.

Skills for Qualification:

  • Minimum three years of chef management experience
  • Eager to learn, energetic can-do attitude
  • Performance that consistently demonstrates an active passion for food, Flour, and their missions
  • Open to feedback and committed to continuous improvement
  • Comfortable and confident speaking and leading a small group discussion
  • Ability to listen, understand, and fully connect with staff members
  • Experience coaching, training, and developing others
  • Computer knowledge, comfort with email and google drive
Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: careers@flourbakery.com

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