Flour Bakery Breadquarters – Big Kitchen General Manager

The Role: BKGM is a Breadquarters manager reporting to the Director of Operations and is responsible for the operations and performance of Breadquarters (BK). The BKGM supports the Production Pastry Chef and Production Savory Chef in their jobs and manages the Logistics Driving Coordinator in achieving the objectives and performance goals within the context of the Flour mission at Breadquarters. The BKGM focuses on all tenets of their missions: the food, hospitality, community, profitability and creating a great work environment. Success in the BKGM role includes a) having incredible attention to product, b) thinking proactively about how to improve efficiencies and profitability, c) promoting a positive kitchen working environment, and d) looking at the big picture view of Breadquarters and its interaction with the bakery locations while developing team members by providing on-going coaching and training in order to ensure high performance and effective succession planning.

Day-to-Day Performance Expectations:

  • Communication – Keep lines of communication open between you, the production pastry chef, the production savory chef, the executive sous chef and the staff; come to weekly meetings with BK management with an agenda of items to work on as well as questions and issues
  • Financial responsibility- Understand and own pricing of product, staffing levels and labor cost, overall P+L. Set realistic goals, meet w PPC and ESC on labor and food costs, get us best prices for ingredients. Be the main point of financial contact for controller and info team.
  • Operational efficiency- Ensure they are operating as efficiently as they can be in terms of space usage, flow, packing.
  • Grow sales- Continue to push revenue streams into bakeries out of BK
  • Product quality- Establish systems to ensure they are producing product to the quality level they require. Set up a system to ensure product is being tasted constantly. (is there equipment or systems or ways other than what they are currently doing to ensure their product is going out as they want it to).
  • Physical plant – Own the physical plant of BK.
  • Equip needs- Research and procure equipment as needed, own repair schedules and maintenance, oversee small-wares budget and replace worn small wares as needed
  • Manage R365 and everything involved in having recipes entered for bakery locations.
  • Work Directly with bakeries on any billing inquiries
  • Manage standardization and maintenance of all BK SOPs
  • Grow BK external sales through Williams Sonoma and Legals and other outlets utilizing their wholesale license for e-commerce.
  • Logistics/delivery- Manage the LDC – set up their delivery schedule, maximize their efficiency in production and packaging and delivery.
  • Sanitation standards- Take full responsibility of our sanitation in conjunction with food safety and sanitation team
  • Establish relationships with bakery managers- Visit bakeries regularly to understand issues with delivery and to ensure quality of product at bakeries.
  • Onboarding of all new employees
  • Manage fulfilment team that packs food going out to bakeries

Skills for Qualification:

  • Six years of management experience experience in a commercial food production facility preferred
  • Strong communicator and listener
  • Readily adaptable to change
  • Embraces new information and learns quickly
  • Experienced in coaching, training, and developing others
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Continuously demonstrates ability to lead and provide excellent customer service
  • Actively problem solves using sound judgment and determined follow through
  • Effective time management and delegation skills
  • Highly organized
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How to apply

Email: careers@flourbakery.com

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