Exodus Bagels – Bagel Baker

Exodus Bagels is hiring a bagel baker to join their team. Experience in commercial kitchen required. Baking experience recommended. Pay is $15/hour.

Minimum 25 hours per week, Monday – Friday 3am-8am at our kitchen in Roslindale, MA.  Additional hours most likely available for Retail Cafe and Production shifts for a full-time schedule.


Set up bake-off station including:

  • Prepping sheet trays
  • Heating up Kettle
  • Heating up ovens
  • Setting up seeds
  • Pulling out appropriate number/sheets of bagels from cold fermentation

Boil/Bake Bagels including:

  • Boiling bagels in Kettle
  • Eggwashing and Seeding Bagels with appropriate Seeds
  • Baking Bagels in the Ovens; Rotating and timing appropriately
  • Organizing/Packing up Bagels and prepared foods from the kitchen to be sent to the Storefront in Jamaica Plain
  • Cleaning Up Station

Other Responsibilities:

  • Retrieving Truck from the Storefront in Jamaica Plain and bringing it to the kitchen
  • Unloading Racks, clean wares and Laundry from the Truck
  • Starting & Rotating Laundry
  • Loading Bagels and Food into the Truck for delivery to the storefront
  • Fulfilling Bagel orders for pickup at the kitchen
  • Delivering Bagels and Food to Storefront and parking truck

The candidate for this job will be an individual who can make on the spot decisions about the bagels based on experience and measured observations. Many of these responsibilities can be learned on the job, but a professional level of dependability and dedication is required.

Please do not apply if a start time of 3am is remotely intimidating.

Candidates should email a resume and brief cover letter to the address below.

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: work@exodusbagels.com

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