Eastern Standard – Servers

Eastern Standard, located in Kenmore Square, is seeking servers to join the Breakfast & Lunch Team. This is a perfect position for someone exclusively looking to work during the day. Shifts begin as early as 6AM and latest shifts run until around 5PM. The average hourly rate for these roles (hourly plus gratuities) is between $21-$25 per hour.

They strive to offer attentive but casual service in a fast-paced environment. They are looking for energetic people with a genuine love of hospitality, innate empathy, urgency, and positivity. They are excited to speak with anyone displaying these traits, regardless of experience level.

Candidates must have fairly flexible availability, including weekends.

Please note that earnings estimates are based on historical averages and may vary by time of year and shifts worked.

Please use the link below to apply and schedule an interview:

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