Domenic’s Italian Bakery & Deli – Kitchen General Manager

DOMENIC’S Italian Bakery & Deli Seeks Experienced Kitchen General Manager

Offering Artisan Paninis & Italian Specialities, Domenics Bakery & Deli brings you an authentic taste of Italy! What started as a bakery 40 years ago has grown and transitioned into a Bakery & Deli serving freshly made panini’s with their house-made baked bread, in-house roasted meats & condiments and a variety of Italian specialties with imported ingredients.

Their homegrown establishment is seeking a Kitchen General Manager to lead and manage their fast-paced and dynamic day-to-day operations. The right individual has experience working in a high-volume, high-quality, fast paced food retail / grab-and-go establishment; one who is hands-on & has a roll up your sleeves attitude, can think quickly on one’s feet, and can independently problem solve swiftly with confidence and certainty; one who is passionate about creating high-quality food, customer satisfaction and overall guest experience. Most importantly, the ideal candidate is one who desires to be a part of and be at the helm of a tightly knit, small team.

Job Summary:

The Kitchen General Manager is responsible for the overall back of the house and kitchen functions including ordering & purchasing, cost control, meeting the over-all quality standards, sanitation and cleanliness requirements; training, overseeing and managing employees in kitchen safety, methods of cooking & following recipes, food preparation, portion control, presentation, cleanliness and sanitation standards.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all food and products are consistently prepared and served according to Domenics recipes, portioning, cooking and serving standards
  • Collaborate in planning menu items such as establishing portion sizes and preparing standard recipe cards for all new menu items
  • Maintaining inventory and ensuring that all products are ordered and received correctly, up to standards and stored according to sanitation standards
  • Control food cost and usage by following proper handling and storage procedures, following standard recipes and waste control procedures
  • Ensure that all equipment is kept clean and kept in excellent working condition
  • Schedule labor effectively according to anticipated business activity while ensuring labor cost objectives are met
  • Oversee and manage personnel and administer prompt, fair and consistent corrective action and provide performance reviews accordingly
  • Oversee the training of kitchen personnel in safe operation of all kitchen equipment and utensils
  • Responsible for training kitchen personnel in food preparation
  • Responsible for training kitchen personnel according to cleanliness and sanitation practices and standards
  • Responsible for maintaining appropriate cleaning schedules for kitchen sinks, floors, mats, walls, hoods, other equipment and food storage areas.
  • Check and maintain proper food holding and refrigeration temperature control points.
  • Fill in where needed to ensure guest service standards and efficient operations

Job Requirements & Qualifications:

  • 3 years minimum experience as a kitchen manager in a similar capacity establishment
  • 5 years minimum collective experience in various kitchen positions of food preparation including line cook, fry cook, pantry cook/ garde manger
  • Current food safety certification
  • Knowledge of Italian cuisine & experience working with Italian ingredients preferred
  • Attention to detail
  • Positively influence team members contributing to overall efficiency of daily operations and customer satisfaction
  • Has keen problem solving skills and can handle conflicts and challenges that may arise with grace under pressure
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with managers, personnel & guests
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to reach, bend & stoop frequently
  • Has the stamina to work on one’s feet, moving about, for a long period of time
  • Full-time availability to work


Paid vacation, Health benefits & 401(k)

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