Craigie on Main – General Manager/AGM/Service Manager

“Like a dinner party at home with close friends”—At Craigie On Main, Chef Tony Maws, Boston’s Best Chef (Boston Magazine) and one of America’s Best New Chefs (Food & Wine), combines his trademark French-inspired “refined rusticity” with an unyielding passion for the best local, seasonal, and organic ingredients. Menus change daily, so guests can be sure everything they are eating is the very best of the best that day.

It’s one of the hardest yet most fulfilling jobs out there — managing a team of people acting in the minute, based on a set of standards that they believe cannot be broken – all the while looking toward the future. At Craigie on Main, you will work alongside Chef / Owner Tony Maws in and around their nightly dinner services and own guest relations, staff management, and hospitality initiatives across all aspects of the restaurant through an exciting period of transition as they enjoy outdoor dining and begin laying the groundwork to reopen indoors later this year.

Their ideal candidate will be able to calmly and purposefully lead service with congenial yet firm oversight of all Front of House (FOH) staff members—even when shit is going down! This person keeps to deadlines without cutting corners and communicates in an honest, forthright, and consistent way across the restaurant staff, whether when assisting a brand-new host or discussing a problem with Tony. They are an enthusiastic ambassador of the restaurant and motivated to turn their guests into lifelong supporters and friends through exceptional service and memorable moments of hospitality.

This position is well-suited for the individual desiring to learn how to oversee an entire restaurant—or open one of your own. Think of this as a university-level prep course! You will have your hands in many aspects of the restaurant operation and they are committed to building your skill set to help you achieve your career goals. They are looking to the future in many aspects of restaurant operations, particularly on the topic of equitable wage for their entire restaurant staff, and are excited to bring on like-minded individuals who want to “walk the talk” and use their restaurant as a springboard to champion positive change to their amazing and resilient restaurant community.

The General Manager / AGM at Craigie on Main manages the restaurant’s Front of House (FOH)—staff, service, and guest relations. They oversee and are involved in the execution of dining services, as well as the related activities supporting these services, such as training, reporting, and organization, all with the goal in mind of delivering an exceptional dining experience to their guests. They are involved in the financial performance of the restaurant as well as general business operations to support an exceptional dining experience for their guests and work environment for staff.

Reports to Chef / Owner and Operations

Full time allocated between service and necessary administration of restaurant and staff. They estimate an average of 50 hours per week

Competitive base salary plus bonus based on prior experience.


  • Improve top line revenues in line with their business goals, as they continue Outdoor Dining and begin planning for an eventual transition to Indoor Dining when conditions permit.
  • Improve bottom line margin in line with their business plan in relevant areas, without compromising their philosophy.
  • Direct service by managing FOH staff, liaising with guests, and controlling the reservation process to yield ecstatic and profitable diners.
  • Build a staff of motivated, productive and happy employees by being a leader, mentor, and manager.
  • Help define and provide overall direction for service (operations, mission, improving profits, marketing, etc), plan and project future needs, opportunities and problems, while continually refining processes and procedures in the present.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with the kitchen team and at regular intervals (and as requested) with Tony.
  • Gain relevant knowledge and experience in all aspects of restaurant operations to achieve personal job and career goals.

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