Cottage Park Yacht Club – Manager

Cottage Park Yacht Club is seeking a Club Manager!

Job Summary:

Manage all aspects of the club including its activities and the relationships between the club and its board of directors, members, guests, employees, community, government and industry. Coordinate and administer the club’s policies as defined by its board of directors. Develop operating policies and procedures and direct the work of all employees and vendors. Implement and monitor the budget, monitor the quality of the club’s products and services and ensure maximum member and guest satisfaction.

Secure and protect the club’s assets, including facilities and equipment. Work closely with all Committees of the club in fulfilling the individual missions with special emphasis on the house and entertainment committees.

Job Tasks:

  • Implements general policies established by the board of directors; directs their administration and execution.
  • Plans, develops and approves specific operational policies, programs, procedures, methods, rules, regulations and employee schedules in concert with general policies.
  • Arranges and coordinates all aspects of Hall rental in accordance with established procedures and recommends updates and changes to policy and pricing as necessary.
  • Establishes a basic personnel policy; initiates and monitors policies relating to personnel actions and training and professional development programs.
  • Coordinates and serves as ex-officio member of appropriate club committees when requested
  • Welcomes new club members; “meets and greets” all club members as practical during their visits to the club. Develops on-going dialogue and rapport with members through recognition, communication and follow-through.
  • Provides advice and recommendations to the commodore and committees about building, grounds and operating system of the kitchen and pilot house facilities.
  • Consistently assures that the club is operated in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • Oversees the care and maintenance of all the club’s physical assets and facilities excluding any marina related assets.
  • Coordinates the marketing and member-relations programs to promote the club’s services and facilities to present and potential members.
  • Ensures the highest standards for food, beverage, sports and recreation, entertainment and other club services.
  • Establishes and monitors compliance with purchasing policies and procedures; reviews and approves purchasing procedures and requirements.
  • Manages cash flow and establishes controls to safeguard funds to include collaboration with the Treasurer, Secretary and accountant.
  • Schedule, supervise and direct the work of all club employees; Makes decisions regarding personnel related matters including compensation, job changes and performance evaluation.
  • Attends meetings of the club’s executive committee and board of directors as requested.
  • Reports member infractions to the board for necessary action.
  • Properly manages all aspects of the club’s activities to ensure and maintain the quality of products and  services provided by the club.
  • Writes policy and rule directives and has those necessary for Board approval submitted properly.
  • Has ultimate authority over all employees matters and implements policies concerning employee-employer relations.
  • Develops, maintains and disseminates a basic management philosophy to guide all club personnel toward optimal operating results, employee morale and member satisfaction.
  • Prepares reports and other support material for committee and board use.
  • Negotiates and recommends board approval for contracts as requested.
  • Provides for and manages use of the club’s equipment, space and materials.
  • Establishes and approves workloads, work methods and performance standards.
  • Maintains relations with police, fire, liquor control board, health department and other governmental agencies.
  • Directs purchasing, receiving, storage, issuing, preparation and control of all products, supplies and equipment.
  • Ensures proper cleanliness and sanitation of all club facilities and environments.
  • Handles emergencies such as fires, accidents and breaches of security or house rules promptly and in person. Emphasizes prevention through training, inspection and preventive enforcement.
  • Convenes and presides over all personnel meetings.
  • Gives direction to and works closely with vendors, outside contractors, firms and individuals providing services to the club.
  • Performs other duties as directed by Commodore
  • Maintains relations with local, state and national associations that further the cause of all matter pertaining to yachting .
  • Conducts himself or herself in a responsible and professional manner at all times while at or away from the club and encourages other staff members to do the same to reflect the proper image of the club throughout the community.
  • Assists in the promoting club memberships.
  • Provides for the security of the club, its environs and members’ belongings.
  • Performs other duties and functions as the Commodore may direct that are consistent with this job description.

Reports to:

  • This position officially reports to the Board of Directors however whenever possible all interactions will be funneled through the Commodore or a singular designee


  • This position supervises all employees of the club.


  • This position is a full time position with hours and days fluctuating seasonally, specific schedule to be approved by the Commodore.



  • High school diploma is required, Post‐secondary education is a positive.

Work Experience:

  • Successful applicant must possess at least 4 years’ experience in food and beverage industry in escalating roles.
  • Previous managerial experience within the industry preferred.

Physical requirements:

  • Successful applicant must be able to receive and stock supplies as received from a typical food or beverage supplier when needed.

To apply, send resumes to the email address below!

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