Comedor – Bartender

Comedor restaurant in Newton Centre is looking for a bartender to join their team.

Comedor is an American Chilean restaurant featuring small plates, creative cocktails that cultivates a very fast paced working environment. 48 dining seats, 18 bar seats and a street side patio fill up fast, turn often, and are in high demand. Here at Comedor, they pride themselves on locally sourced, beautiful ingredients and the tastiest food paired with a strong Chilean wine presence, and American craft beers.

What separates Comedor’s bar program from other restaurants is the chef/bartender collaboration process. They believe that there should be no walls between the kitchen and bar, but instead a paralleled marriage of the two. By doing so, they bring a fresh new style to the classic art of creating amazing cocktails. Operating within a seasonal produce structure and continuously pushing the envelope of what today’s cocktail can be is their main focus.

Within their bar program, they pride themselves on technique, hospitality, cleanliness, and a fundamental understanding of classic cocktails, and an overall efficiency in bar operations.

All candidates will be giving the opportunity to train with their current principal bartender for two months.  By doing so, they will learn their systems and take over the production of hand crafted shrubs, refined simple syrups, kitchen to bar cross over techniques, and the batching of high volume cocktails. They will also be guiding through weekly inventory, ordering product, machine maintenance, and the overall “ins and outs” of running and maintaining a very popular and professional bar program.

The ideal candidate for this position should have:

  • 2 years of bartending experience
  • A strong knowledge of classic cocktails
  • A wide base knowledge of wine and beer/cider
  • Full time availability
  • Ability to multitask and handle details
  • Ability to seamlessly work well with others
  • Proficient skills in hospitality
  • Strong commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Passion

Please send an email to the address below to set up an interview.

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