Café du Pays – Cook

Café du Pays is hiring a evening line cook! Work with Head Chef Dan Amighi and be a part of Kendall Square’s favorite restaurant group, (Mamaleh’s Delicatessen, State Park, (former) Hungry Mother, The Bar by the Elevator).

A little bit about the team:

  • Cafe du Pays opened in July 2017
  • They offer delicious French Canadian fare, by way of New England, in an intimate setting, with an emphasis on meticulously crafted food, drink and service.
  • They take inspiration from tradition and make it their own.
  • Relationships with local farmers and growers are really important to them, so that they know where their food is coming from and feel confident in its impact on the environment.
  • They do everything from scratch! charcuterie making, fish and meat butchering, curing, bread baking, meat smoking, pickling, preserving & fermentation.
  • Collaboration, creativity, respect, and hard work are core values of their company.
  • Personal growth and goals are essential.
  • Their revenue sharing program sends 4% of their food sales directly to the people who prepare food at the restaurant (dishwashers, cooks, sous chefs, bakers) to help bridge the gap between FOH and BOH pay rates.
  • They compost and care about the environment.
  • Boston Magazine’s Best New Restaurant of 2017.
  • Eater’s Editor’s Choice Best New Restaurant of 2017

A little bit about you:

  • Positive, friendly and eager to learn.
  • Work well with direction, but able to take initiative and be independent.
  • Ready to dig in, and learn practices for meat and fish butchery, sauces, curing, bread dough, and everything it takes to get a restaurant ready for service.
  • Have experience following recipes, troubleshooting, and thinking critically.
  • Ready for a great opportunity to work directly with chef, Dan Amighi, and a talented, focused team, making beautiful and delicious food.

The position is full time. Compensation based on skill and experience.

EEO Statement: Big Dipper (State Park, Mamaleh’s, Café du Pays) is an equal opportunity employer and shall treat all applicants for employment equally based upon job-related qualifications and without regards to race, color, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, marital status, military or veteran status, national origin, disability, religion, political activity, lawful tobacco use while off-duty, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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