Brewer’s Fork – Chef de Cuisine & FOH Positions

The team behind Brewer’s Fork in Charlestown is opening a 2nd location in Charlestown’s Navy Yard. They know that staff and customers are their biggest assets. They are very hands on ownership and have a small family atmosphere marked by teamwork and a deep respect for ALL of staff and customers. Their clientele are experienced diners and love how they mix it up with a unique menu. They are adventurous eaters and drinkers. They offer competitive pay, paid vacation and health insurance. The owners work as hard as anyone and encourage the same in their staff.

Chef de Cuisine
They are looking to fill two positions in two locations for Chef de Cuisine and are really looking forward to finding just the right people. If you have a lot to offer please send a resume and come in to sit down and talk. Duties include but are not limited as follows:

  • Ensure that the entire kitchen work as a team with the FOH. Be Pro-guest. Always consider what is best for the restaurant in your decision-making. Put forth a positive attitude to set an example to the staff. Have a can do attitude and treat the place like it’s yours.
  • Be a kind, reliable and strong leader who can motivate your staff without being a screamer or having to belittle or embarrass staff members. Be open to criticism, open to learning from anyone; never be satisfied.
  • Develop the menu with the owner and be able to create special menus for special events. They emphasize creativity, seasonal dishes and like to play around as much as possible. They don’t pigeonhole the menu to any one cuisine. They do whatever they want. Their customers love new and unique stuff so you will always have a willing audience. Once they are comfortable with your skills they can give you as much or as little help and input as necessary. There will always be someone above you to get your back if you need help, guidance or anything else.
  • Train Kitchen staff to be able to execute dishes in a consistent manner up to the standards of the restaurant. This will require recipes, portion standards and methods to achieve. Train staff and follow proper sanitation and food safety procedures. Be able to properly address allergy concerns.
  • Work to procure the best local and seasonal products. Work with local vendors, fishermen, farmers and ranchers. They don’t cheap out on product.
  • Have an understanding of some basic kitchen numbers and how they work. Food cost, labor cost, scheduling, forecasting. Also understand how focusing on them too much is a bad thing.
  • Be the face of the kitchen for guests, media, events, etc. If you want to be a star or get a Beard Award they will help you any way they can.
  • Have some computer proficiency to be able to make excel sheets, update menus, update POS system, schedules, etc.
  • Be able to pivot and think on your feet during a pandemic.
  • Be willing to take the trash out, mop the floor or clean the bathroom if you ever had to.
  • Know what your job requirements are and be willing to do anything that needs to be done even if it’s “not your job”

FOH Positions

The Navy Yard project will be both a full-service restaurant as well as a deli/café for take out guests. The beverage program will be highly focused on wine but also offer craft draft beer. They plan to hire for the following positions:

• Manager
• Bar
• Server
• Utility
• Host

They will also be hiring some staff at Brewer’s Fork (FOH) both full-time and part-time.

Please e-mail the address below if interested in setting up a conversation for either location.

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How to apply


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