Branch Line – General Manager

Branch Line is a neighborhood rotisserie in Watertown. Their service is professional, imbued with sincere hospitality and defined by their desire to always build relationships. The past year has challenged Branch Line, and they are emerging with an innovative, nimble and modern take on restaurant operations and hospitality.

Scope & General Purpose: The General Manager of Branch Line will oversee all daily operations at Branch Line, with the opportunity to oversee a wine and developing cocktail program. The primary focuses of this role will be in-service leadership, cultivation of guest experiences, training and development of staff, and guidance of a management team. This role will actively contribute to Branch Line daily, weekly and quarterly, reflecting both financial and cultural goals.

The GM is supported by active ownership, event sales and operations management, all worked towards shared goals.

This position will be versed in Branch Line Financial metrics (cost of goods, labor cost, direct operating costs) and be able to respond with action, using support from others.

In order to thrive in this role you must:

  • Recognize that your success directly correlates with the ability to help others succeed and grow.
  • Lead and manage with empathy, humility, positivity, and tenacity.
  • Cultivate meaningful, professional relationships built on these principals and the tenets of leadership included below.
  • Seek to make Branch Line as busy as possible through building guest relationships, operations, leadership, creativity, and adaptability.
  • Be willing to make mistakes, learn from them and continually improve.

Schedule: Full Time, Varying Schedule. Nights and Weekends are required.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Create memorable guest experiences
  • Contribute to daily briefing, advocating for guest experience, education & important notes
  • Contribute to nightly management log, used to continually refine operations and guest experience
  • Update and print menus
  • Update all digital platforms to reflect current menu offerings
  • Program Toast, Doordash accordingly
  • Review and adjust OpenTable in alignment with business volume
  • Make floor maps, adjust staffing thoughtfully
  • Execute private events, in the restaurant space
  • Order restaurant wares as needed based on breakage and business volume

Team Responsibilities:

  • Learn and understand all elements of Branch Line steps of service
  • Commit to continued learning across food, beverage and service
  • Interview, hire and onboard new Branch Line service employees
  • Produce continuing education for front of house employees, reflecting Branch Line brand, food & beverage programs
  • Develop opportunities for employees to grow in both guest relations, skill set and position
  • Observe HR best practices in all elements of employee interaction related to hiring, training, development and employee exits

Guest Responsibilities:

  • Cultivate guest experiences, both in the restaurant and off-premise, that are reflective of Branch Line values, hospitality and product offerings
  • Dedicate time and energy to the front door, prioritizing the guest first impression
  • Contribute to digital presence by responding to guest reviews across multiple platforms
  • Support marketing initiatives, both spontaneous and strategic, supporting guest acquisition and sales growth

Business Responsibilities:

  • Lead beer, wine, cocktail and coffee programs from an operational perspective, working with management on ordering, inventory and cost of goods
  • Support all Branch Line business directions, including catering, takeout, delivery, private events & neighborhood development
  • Regularly connect with management team on business performance metrics, both weekly and through a monthly P&L review

Apply via the email address provided below.

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