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The Boston Black Hospitality Coalition is helping their friends in the restaurant biz get some talented team members on board, helping to schedule walk-in interviews for those looking for employment in the hospitality industry. Organized to ensure they are able to provide jobs for those within their community, they understand individuals are hoping to get back on their feet given the devastating impact of this last year.

Contact them at the email address below with any questions. Participating restaurants include: Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, Savvors Restaurant & Lounge, District 7 Tavern & Garden, Soleil’s, Slade’s, ZaZ’s Restaurant & Catering, Suya Joint, Cafe Juice Up, and more.

The Boston Black Hospitality Coalition (BBHC) was created out of the necessity to have a focused initiative that prioritizes ensuring the preservation of Boston’s Black-owned hospitality community. Comprised of five of Boston’s only eight black liquor license holders of restaurants and bars in the city: Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, District 7 Tavern, Savvor Restaurant & Lounge, Soleil Restaurant & Catering, and Wally’s Jazz Café.

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