Bluefin – Kitchen Manager

Bluefin opened in April 2022 by founder Jason Tucker – a chef, fisherman, and purveyor of the best quality seafood in the Boston area. Currently operating in Suite 13 of Bow market in Somerville, MA, we believe exciting local seafood can be served
outside the traditional full-service style restaurants without sacrificing the quality of the plate.

Much of Bluefin’s first year has been spent participating where we can, and taking those opportunities to really hone in on what people are asking for. Now we are taking all that we’ve learned and modeling Bluefin into something that any and all seafood lovers dream of.

Our mission is to deliver the most amazing local seafood without the necessity of an advanced reservation.

About the Role:

The Kitchen Manager reports directly to the Executive Chef, and is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and quality control of Bluefin at Bow Market.

As the most immediate point of contact for information, the Kitchen Manager must possess strong organizational and communication skills. On any given day questions and inquiries may come from team members as well as patrons and other Bow
Market community members.


  • $20/hour base pay on a weekly cycle depending on experience
  • One free pound of fish to take home each week
  • Free meals
  • Endless oysters
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 3 Days paid time off each calendar quarter
  • Bonus incentive opportunities

Kitchen Manager is a full-time, non-exempt employee.

Responsibilities Include (but may not be limited to):

  • Drafting and publishing service schedules.
  • Inventory management (ordering, tracking, etc.)
  • Tendering transactions through the point-of-sale system.
  • Maintaining food preparation standards within the restaurant.
  • Attending/participating in Bow Market community events (meetings, festivals, etc.)

Required Skills:

  • 1+ years of management experience in a food service setting
  • 2+ years of food service experience
  • ServSafe Food Manager Certified
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs

Standout Skills:

  • 1 year or more experience opening large quantities of oysters is preferred
  • Experience handling/breaking down raw fish/shellfish
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work at a fast pace with prolonged periods of standing
  • Experience working in event settings

To apply, send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full Time
Base Pay: $20/hour

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How to apply

Contact: Michael

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