Blackbird Doughnuts – Decorator

Blackbird Doughnuts Decorator is a full-time position with the potential to learn and grow within the Blackbird Doughnuts scratch kitchen. Decorators are responsible for developing and producing garnishes, edible decorations for menus and specials.


  • Thorough working knowledge of baking and pastry in a commercial setting
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Intricate piping and frosting techniques
  • Experience storing, tempering, molding, piping, and writing with chocolate
  • Understands flavor, ratios, recipes, and mass production.
  • Produces items in an efficient and logical manner for distribution and orders
  • Strong time management and organizational skills


  • Keeping a clean and organized station and workplace
  • Prep work including cake assembly and decoration, preparing frostings, icings, cookies, gumpaste, meringues, fruit leathers, caramels, candies, or other edible decorations
  • Maintaining and tracking a well-organized inventory of ingredient items
  • Ordering specialty items according to budget


  • 1-2 years experience as a baker or pastry cook.
  • Weekend, holiday, and early morning availability.
  • Reliable transportation to our Brighton production facility.
  • Able to stand for an 8-hour shift, lift 50lb, and perform repetitive arm and hand movements.


  • Competitive hourly rate, salary negotiable, health/dental, and PTO available

To apply, send your resume to the email address provided below.

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