Black Lamb – Service Manager

The Service Manager at Black Lamb is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. A manager’s role is a very hands-on position and requires direct involvement in the nightly operations of the restaurant. Managers will work to ensure proper steps of service are being maintained and followed by the service team and proper service mechanics are consistently being executed.

This individual must possess a passion for hospitality and service and have the ability to encourage this passion in the staff. Managers should encourage and empower the staff to go the extra mile for each guest. Hospitality can be expressed in many ways, and they encourage staff to explore all the opportunities for exceptional hospitality. Figure out what would resonate with each guest. Constantly work with the staff to find creative and compelling ways to create memorable experiences for guests. Exceptional hospitality is at the core of Black Lamb’s identity, and managers need to convey this to the staff at all times.

Managers should be advocates for the staff they work with daily. Managers are responsible for supplying all the tools the service team needs to do their jobs on a daily basis. Service standards must be articulated, enforced and upheld at all times, and they should continue to develop and adapt over time. These changes must always be updated in the service manuals and be properly communicated to staff.

Being a manager is a position of leadership. Managers must remain composed and in control at all times. Managers must be good listeners and be able to take feedback and criticism from guests and use it in a constructive manner. The management team must work together to ensure a safe, consistent, and vibrant environment for guests, staff and each other.

Education is very important at Black Lamb. Managers will work with the management team to organize and execute nightly pre-service meetings covering a variety of topics including nightly reservations, service, wine, industry news and events. This will be a time to motivate and educate the staff. There will be other educational meetings to be scheduled as needed.

Managers must work together to maximize revenue, meet financial goals, and help to keep the restaurant on a steady upward trajectory.

The manager will report directly to the General Manager.


  • The team dynamic is of paramount significance at Black Lamb. Managers will foster and maintain relationships with the entire staff, with a focus on the
  • Front of the House, ensuring that the restaurant is a place of dignity, mutual respect and positivity. They are proud of the work they do at Black Lamb and will want nothing more than you to be prideful of both your co-workers and yourself.
  • Managers also work very closely with the service staff to ensure continuity and foster a strong team.
  • This position will work closely with the management team to ensure that the culture and identity of Black Lamb is actualized through every interaction.
  • Managers must also work with the BOH to ensure that the staff is informed and educated on the menus.


  • Coordinate nighty service using floor plans and reservation reports to ensure proper staffing levels
  • Ensure the service team is prepared and supported throughout service
  • Share knowledge and experience with FOH staff through coaching and mentorship
  • Ensure staff is trained on service protocols and that these protocols are being executed
  • Attend weekly management meetings
  • Schedule staff meetings for service team and compose content as needed
  • Work with management team to recruit, hire, train and maintain staff, with a focus on the service staff
  • Conduct opening and closing duties, including paperwork, cash handling and security
  • Continue to develop and maintain service manuals with a specific focus on service & education.
  • Mentor and foster growth for service staff
  • Acknowledge strengths and skills in members of the service staff by helping them recognize and capitalize on those strengths
  • Possess an awareness of monthly and annual budget goals
  • Actively work with management team to meet and exceed those goals through maximization of revenue
  • Schedule and assign weekly cleaning projects for the service staff to ensure restaurant remains clean and orderly at all times
  • Reprimand staff through verbal or written warnings if necessary
  • Communicate with management on the needs of service staff
  • Liaison with BOH during service
  • Additional scheduled shifts may include host/door management and an administrative shift that includes confirmations and menu updates.
  • Actively participate in Open Book Management, including leading a team to define and track Key Performance Indicators
  • Teach continuing education classes, compose quizzes and prepare educational materials
  • Conduct reviews for staff
  • Must be able to lift 20 lbs. and stand for up to four hours


  • Continue personal education by remaining informed about the hospitality industry
  • May assist in social media
  • May be required to assist with inventory
  • May be required to teach educational classes to staff
  • May be required to facilitate private events with management team
  • May be required to assist with promotional events outside the physical space
  • May be required to expedite
  • May be required to assist in special cleaning or organizational projects


  • Two years experience in Restaurant Management, preferably in restaurants with similar scope and vision to Black Lamb


  • Having an exceedingly strong work ethic
  • Being consistently approachable by staff
  • Deriving joy from learning and teaching
  • Creating positive, respectful, and effective relationships
  • Finding fulfillment in the happiness of others
  • Seeking fulfillment in the success of others
  • Being passionate about all aspects of hospitality and restaurant culture
  • Being capable of solving problems through creative and critical thinking
  • Taking constructive criticism well
  • Offering criticism in a constructive way
  • Possessing great organizational and prioritization skills
  • Creativity, willingness to take risks, a thirst for the industry, the ability to actualize long term goals, resilience to failure, respect for others insights and experience and the belief that teamwork makes the dream work.
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