Black Lamb – Bartenders

Bartenders at Black Lamb are tasked with caring for every detail of guest experience at the bar, in addition to precise and timely execution of cocktails. They are responsible for familiarity and knowledge of all products behind the bar and in the restaurant. Additionally, they are asked to aid in the growth of new employees, Bar Apprentices, and Bar Backs, and to help ensure that people in these positions are supported and set up to succeed in their respective positions. Bartenders report directly to the General Manager and Beverage Director.

Successful bartenders will cultivate strong relationships with the entire FOH and BOH teams, the Beverage Director, and General Manager. They will also build and foster relationships with guests to develop regulars, with particular focus on the Tremont Street neighborhood in the South End. Additionally, they should maintain a relationship with the beverage industry as a whole – in and outside of Boston.


  • Crafting graceful and attentive experiences with guests at the bar
  • Executing precise cocktails quickly
  • Keeping the bar top and bar stations clean and organized
  • Fostering regular clientele
  • Recognizing repeating guests and remembering their preferences; alerting fellow bartenders
  • Moving with grace behind the bar
  • Mentoring Bar Apprentices and Barbacks; ensuring they feel prepared to succeed in their positions
  • Preparing mise-en-place for the bar
  • Checking in, unpacking and stocking liquor deliveries
  • In depth knowledge of all products behind the bar and in the restaurant
  • Attending Beverage Classes
  • Efficient setup and breakdown of the bar for daily service
  • Making thoughtful suggestions tailored to guests


  • May be tasked with counting inventory
  • May be tasked with a deep clean of the bar and storage areas of the restaurant
  • When not actively fulfilling essential Bartender functions is tasked with helping to fill function of other positions behind the bar


  • 2 years relevant bartending experience at a craft cocktail bar or fine dining establishment


  • Having an exceedingly strong work ethic
  • Being consistently approachable by staff
  • Deriving joy from learning and teaching
  • Creating positive, respectful, and effective relationships
  • Finding fulfillment in the happiness of others
  • Seeking fulfillment in the success of others
  • Being passionate about all aspects of hospitality and restaurant culture
  • Being capable of solving problems through creative and critical thinking
  • Taking constructive criticism well
  • Possessing great organizational and prioritization skills
  • Creativity, willingness to take risks, a thirst for the industry, the ability to actualize long term goals, resilience to failure, respect for others insights and experience and the belief that teamwork makes the dream work.
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